Eli Tomac: “I’ll Be Ready to Go Come Anaheim 1”

Modern medicine is crazy. Consider this: Eli Tomac ruptured his Achilles tendon on May 6, while leading the 450 main event in Denver, en route to a Monster Energy Supercross title that eventually went to Chase Sexton with Tomac injured.

Many thought his career may be over. 

Nah, f that. 

Not only is Eli Tomac already back on the bike, he’s back testing for Supercross. 

“It’s the beginning of November here, I just got back on the Supercross track,” he said in a Yamaha video. “I’ve been on it probably four days now and before that I spent probably three and half weeks on the motocross track just building my base up. Now it’s the real deal, back on the Supercross track. I’m feeling great. I still feel like I’m ahead of where I anticipated. I don’t feel like I’m going to behind at all anymore. So, I’ll be ready to go come Anaheim 1, 2024.”

This is awesome and amazing at the same time. 

Main image: Yamaha

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