Cole Seely Talks About His Rivalry with Jason Anderson

One of the strangest rivalries over the last decade of supercross was between Cole Seely and Jason Anderson. Only because off the track, they are arguably two of the most mild-mannered, laidback dudes in the pits, so the rivalry was just… strange.

It started around 2014, when Anderson and Seely were engaged in a tight 250SX West Region title chase (Anderson squeaked out the title over Seely) and further escalated when they moved to the 450 Class a year later, ultimately reaching a boiling point at Atlanta in 2016 when Anderson torpedoed Seely on the final lap.

Why, must you ask, are we STILL talking about this four years later? Well, because Seely was recently on the Gypsy Tales podcast with FOV (Friend of Vurb) Jase Macalpine and talked about how heated the rivalry got. Spoiler alert: they have buried the beef.

Anyway, I fing love rivalries and honestly the sport needs more. Typically riders say very little during the time of said rivalry, so it’s cool to hear some honesty from Seely all these years later.

Listen to the Gypsy Tales podcast on iTunes or where ever you listen to that stuff.

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