Clueless: Southwick

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Another weekend, another 1-1 from Jett. He certainly isn’t making it interesting with regards to the race wins, but at least a bunch of Euros and some locals turned up to add some spice, to what is the most “different” track on the calendar. Not that I saw any of it, you understand…

– It should be forbidden to allow RC to commentate without Stewart there alongside him

– In case you missed it, Jett is still on for a perfect season

– Also, you may have missed the fact that Deegan is leading the 250 championship

– Although he seemed to try his best not to be the holder of the red-plate

– I was there in Lommel when Gert Krestinov won the MX2 overall… it was 2008. He should not be threatening the top 10 in the 450s in 2023

– 450 race 2, there were only THREE riders within FIVE SECONDS of the best lap time

– Loved Jimmy D having the fastest lap in practice

– Anyone surprised to see so many ‘Euros’ doing well on the sandiest track of the year?

– A five-way tie for fifth overall is pretty damn rare

– Ty can’t be happy to have lost out on that one

– Once again, our thanks go out to Hunter for making the 250 Class interesting (or should that be Honda?)

– Shame Jett is determined to keep the 450s a snoozefest

– Looking back, if Eli or Chase got injured last year, would it be have also been a snoozefest?

Written by Coney Island Dog

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