Clueless: RedBud & Birmingham

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Being in Indonesia, meant that both of these races were on in the middle of the night, and because I’m not biased towards either series, I watched neither of them. Seemed only fair…

– How appropriate that an American finally won an overall at RedBud

– Can’t remember who that American was though

– I heard through the grapevine that Enzo Lopes dislocated his shoulder

– In terms of glamorous locations to kick-off the WSX series, Birmingham is pretty low down on the list

– Still, at least it didn’t rain

– Which apparently, according to all the people that don’t live in England… it does 365 days a year

– Jett Lawrence is now the most successful rookie ever

– First turn crashes never happened before these start grates were implemented

– At least Hunter continues to take one for the team by making the 250 Class interesting, unlike selfish brother Jett

– Are SMX paying Sexton/Webb to make them miss alternative rounds, so that the “World SMX leader” continues to change hands!!!1!

– Shocker, Ken Roczen won WSX Round 1, never saw that coming

– Also shouldn’t be surprised that 2022 WSX runner-up Vince Friese won a “GP”

– Of all the names to use for a ‘race’, WSX decide to use the term “GP”?!

– Come on Shane, a British crowd supporting Max Anstie isn’t really a surprise

– This weekend on “Who TF is that privateer scoring 450 points?”, we have Bryce Shelly and Chandler Baker

– Congrats guys, those were some solid efforts you put in!

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Coney Island Dog

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