Clueless: Detroit

It’s Sunday and Clueless is back! Enjoy, but please don’t take it seriously. Or do and make sure to email Jason Weigandt if you have problems. Email him even if you don’t have problems. Thanks.

– So Jett is two for two in dry, full-length SX races

– Not bad

– Anyone else expecting Forkner to be the PC Kawi involved in that first turn crash?

– Producers still cutting to Lawrence during the 250 race I see

– Need something to happen on-track, send it down to Will for a three-minute monologue

– You can tell they aren’t used to cutting to Plessinger as the series leader

– What time does Deegan race?

– Because there was a race, and he wasn’t in it

– Nice touch, flipping off Vialle though

– Did they really cut away from Webb vs Ferrandis?!

– Factory forks, saving riders (this time Jett) since Year Dot

– Anyone want to comment on what happened to Tomac?

– Good ride from Swoll on that Triumph

– I think every single “balls” joke has been used for McAdoo now

– Friese taking the blame for that 250 start crash is pure gold

– I hope Ferry is okay after taking a wall to the helmet

– I don’t think that was the hard-hitting statement Triumph were looking for

– Sorry, but I had to get a pun in somewhere and everyone was balls-out on the McAdoo photo

– Was Jett’s celebration really a chinguard grab?!?

– Or was it a finger to the lips? Either way… LOL

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Coney Island Dog

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