Chest and Back Protection Will Be Required For All Youth Classes in AMA Competition in 2023

Whoa, the American Motorcyclist Association has announced a massive change to the 2023 AMA Racing Rules for the upcoming season.

We got a tip regarding the change and checked the rulebook, which you can find here, and boom there it was. 

Going forward, chest AND back protection will be required for ALL competitors in Youth Classes in AMA competition. It is highly recommended that it be worn by all competitors. 

Here is the full change.

What do you think? Good change? 

Main image: Mike Vizer


  1. So they want a series to assume the liability of telling parents the equipment their child is wearing is safe? Or complies?
    Now I understand why series are adopting a pre-event inspection.
    Who is the person on race day that is qualified to determine if the chest protector meets the requirement? If they do and their child gets hurt, guess what? “Well, the series ref said it met the requirement, and now my kid is paralyzed.”
    I guess the refs will have to take a class in human anatomy for youth.
    Ridiculous, yes.
    As a series officer, I will never tell anyone that anything they wear is safe.
    Here I thought the cervical vertebrae were the most vulnerable, and they actually make certified equipment for youth just for this.
    I was unaware of any chest protector that was certified to protect any part of the spinal column, which is a great idea, I guess. However, I have only injured my lumbar and cervical spine due to racing incidents over the last 40 years. Not to mention the knees, ankles, toes, wrists, collarbones, tib/fib, femur etc.. Racing is not safe. This does not make it so, not even in the eyes of insurance, because if it did, we wouldn’t have to sign a release of liability.

  2. Man, riding gear has come a long way. Companies spend countless hours and money and testing.for these ” no brainer” pieces of equipment. We all know even the best helmet can’t fully.protect a rider from.all injuies, including death, but we all wear one, so why not with the chest pro and knee braces? I say the neck brace should be the one of choice.

  3. This is a joke right?

    Remember folks, “Roost Deflectors” are NOT approved chest and back protectors. This is an additional safety device that 99% of riders don’t use or even know the difference.

    And who is the person who’s now gonna be the one to determine which ones are approved. Gee, you think anybody is gonna take that responsibility?

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