An Update on the Bailey Kroone and Haiden Deegan Crash

Bailey Kroone had a nasty crash during the second Moto at RedBud on Saturday, which resulted in Haiden Deegan landing on his bike and having a bad crash for himself.

We reached out to Kroone this afternoon to get an update on his condition and he told us that he does have a fractured tibia plateau that will need surgery. He has more scans coming up in the next couple of days to see if his knee has any other damages to it.

Kroone said that he hit false neutral on the face of the jump and the kicker pitched him forward, thus the jumping through the bars situation. He said that he will post an update as soon as he learns more about his injuries. It was also cool to hear that MX Sports also reached out to Kroone via Davey Coombs to check on him as well. I thought that was very classy, but that is what Davey is known for. DC is always on top of everything! We wish him well in his recovery and we will keep checking on him.

Here’s another angle of the crash. It was just the wrong place at the wrong time for both of them.

Here’s what the broadcast caught of Kroone going down. It all happened so fast, but no yellow flags were present in any of the videos.

Deegan got up to finish sixth in the Moto and his 2-6 scores on the day were good enough for fifth overall. Also, with the 250 class results mixed up and Chance Hymas’ five point penalty, the points stay the same. Deegan still holds a 42-point lead in the standings as the series heads to Spring Creek next weekend.

Brian Deegan provided an update on Danger Boy after the following clip.

The main goal of this post was to show that the “lapped rider” that everyone keeps talking about in the social media comments is actually a person. Kroone has some bad injuries from the incident. He said he will be posting an update soon.

Kroone also finished 35th overall at Thunder Valley this year, which is his only other results listed in the 2024 season. His best results is a 31st overall at Washougal in 2021.

We’re sorry to hear about Kroone’s injuries, but at the same time we’re glad that this wasn’t worse for both of the riders involved.

Main Image: Octopi Media


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  1. Since when is hitting fake neutral a bike malfunction and not the operators fault? It happens to us all, but it is still operator error.

  2. Thanks for the update and saying and mentioning that the “lappers” are people too. They tend to get forgotten about when injured

  3. Kissing Davey Coombs’ ass seems a bit silly in this situation. He should make sure there are trained flaggers at each jump.

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