Adam Cianciarulo’s Pro Motocross Season Is Over Due to Nerve Issue

If you follow this here website, then you know Adam Cianciarulo’s been dealing with some nerve problems in his right hand. We wrote about it! Like a few days ago. 

The problem actually dates back to last year and AC underwent surgery to get it fixed. Apparently the issue is still bothering him, which is causing a lot of arm pump. 

In his Vlog after Southwick, AC went into further detail about how much the injury is affecting him. 

“Today didn’t go great. Most of you know, and a lot of you guys have these tips for me on arm pump but nobody really knows what’s going on. I’ve been pretty transparent about it if you paid attention but it’s basically this… I got some nerve problems. I’m going to sort it out after the season is over but basically it’s like I have 30 percent strength in my right hand sometimes. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s 70 percent sometimes I can barley feel the grip.”

Well, now AC has decided to pull the plug on his Lucas Oil Pro Motocross campaign to undergo surgery to hopefully fix the problem. 

“I’ve been dealing with an ulnar nerve issue for the past couple of years. Randomly, I started having problems with it at the end of 2019. In 2020 it was mostly manageable and I really thought it was just arm pump. However, it continued to get worse this past off-season to the point where I couldn’t do more than a few laps at a time. After a lot of tests and scans, I had nerve decompression procedure right before SX ‘21. I’ve experienced minor relief from that, but not enough to be myself out there. I lose what feels like most of the strength in my right hand gradually as I’m riding. I’ve tried to be smart and do my best—but at this point the only logical decision is to get it fixed. It’s a relatively simple procedure, but it will put me out for the rest of this season. This has been difficult, mentally and physically. It’s driven me mad a few times if I’m honest. I’ve learned a lot about focusing on the things you can control and not getting lost worrying about the things you can’t. Ultimately, I’m always grateful for my challenges and the things they teach me. Surgery is this morning and I’m happy to get it sorted so I can continue going after my goals and get back to having fun on my dirtbike. I’ll be back and better. Thank you for your continued support. Talk to you soon.”

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