A 6-Pack of Reasons You Should Attend the Justin Brayton Shootout

It turns out we’re quite fond of the Midwest. Those dudes know how to get down and we’ll guarantee a return in 2022. Turns out the fun don’t stop at Riverside Raceway, as our boys in Iowa are now gearing up for the Justin Brayton Shootout. Yep, the same Justin Brayton who just delivered his own damn baby when the midwife didn’t show up. What we’re getting at here is this is your chance to meet a dude who is so much more badass than you are it’s not even measurable. See below for a 6-Pack of other reasons you should attend. And thanks Chris Reisenberg at Race Tech for putting this together. This dude air wheelies harder than anyone in the country.

Year after year more cool events continue to pop up on the calendar and sometimes it is hard to determine which ones to put on your calendar.  We are here to make up your mind for you and tell you to not miss the Muc-Off Justin Brayton Shootout presented by Fly Racing at Riverside Raceway in Winterset, IA… yes, that Riverside Raceway where we just had the most epic times at the last Vurb Shred Tour stop.

Reason #1: Moon Dirt

If you’re a racer, the most essential part of an epic day of shredding starts with the soil and we haven’t found any better than what lays in the river valley at Riverside Raceway.  Add in the fact that track owner Tony is a madman and spends more time in his various tractors, dozers, and water trucks than the whole Vurb staff does smashing claws annually and you have a recipe that will make even the baldest tires hook-up and smile.  Trust us, it’s that good!

Reason #2: Championship Plates

If you’re serious about moto, you know there isn’t anything cooler to have in your room than an authentic AMA Championship #1 Plate.  They don’t come easy and show that you kicked some serious ass.  Well, the Justin Brayton Shootout has grown so much over the past few years that the AMA added the 2021 race to the AMA Featured Event schedule and will be passing out the coveted hardware.

Reason #3: Cash Money

You know what makes a Claw taste even better?  When you buy it with money you just won by opening up a can of whoop ass on the competition.  With an over $8,400 guaranteed MINIMUM purse (we hear it’s getting quite a bit bigger) for the 250 A and Open A classes on the weekend, there is a serious opportunity to stack enough dollar bills in your wallet to make your back hurt on the way home.  At last year’s event Marshall Weltin stacked over $4k in a couple days work…Sign us up!

Reason #4: Hall of Fame Guests

Of course Justin Brayton will be there, but you may have heard of a couple of his buddies he’s bringing as well.  Some guy named Ryan Dungey has won a few races in his day and rumor has it is coming with the intentions to roost JB10 as payback for putting him into the wall at the MotoKar Fite Club race.  Retired or not, the racers mentality never changes.  If things get too out of hand though, don’t fret, no one plays the takeout game better than Damon Bradshaw and he’ll be there shredding laps all weekend long as well.

Reason #5: Too Many Awards to Count

We aren’t just talking about a free ice cream cone coupon (though we love those and maybe they will add them for next year), but we are talking about free gear and helmet from Fly Racing, exhaust from Yoshimura, and suspension from Race Tech.  Thousands upon thousands of dollars in merchandise from some of the biggest brands in the industry.  Did we mention Pirelli is awarding a tire to every class champion?  They say it’s over $15,000 in awards for the amateur classes, but we’re guessing they failed math because it adds up to a whole lot more!

Reason #6: More Fun Than Christmas Morning

One thing we learned really quickly in our visits to Riverside Raceway, when the last checkered flag flies for the day; the fun is just beginning.  In comes the StormLakeHonda.com (SLH) Hot Lap Competition.  SLH puts up a brand spanking new Honda CRF125F decked out as a Justin Brayton replica and racers each get one lap around Riverside’s epic pitbike track to lay down their fastest time.  Whoever goes fastest gets to ride that bike straight to their camper to take home.  That is far from all though, as they also have free pit bike, pull start, and Stacyc racing; a free fireworks show, and even a live talk show with Brayton, Dungey, and Bradshaw to listen to while they feed you a free dinner.  

That’s a pretty tasty 6-pack of reasons to load the bikes up for a weekend of bar banging we’d say… and if you don’t agree, maybe you’re a few too many Claws deep and should call it a night.  

Muc-Off Justin Brayton Shootout presented by Fly Racing
May 14-16, 2021
Riverside Raceway – Winterset, IA
riversideraceway.net – @riversideracewaymx

Written by Bird Dog

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