7 Reasons Why the Vurb Shred Tour at Lincoln Trail Was Amazing and Why You Need to Come to One

Whew. The third stop of the 2022 Mad Skills Motocross 3 Vurb Shred Tour is in the books, and somehow, someway I’d say this one definitely took the honors of the best stop to date. I typed somehow, someway as if it were actually a question mark, but that’s just my insane brain fog hitting hard right now… I know the exact concoction that made this stop so damn epic.

1.) Drew Jackson and family at Lincoln Trail Motosports are TOP NOTCH and have one of the best facilities we’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Two full-size tracks, trails, pit bike tracks, beginner tracks, tracks that I don’t even know what they are… seriously a 200 some-odd acre motocross Disneyland. The kids never quit shredding while we were there. The Jackson’s ooze passion and LTMS bleeds it everywhere.

2.) Midwesterner’s know how to have a good time. We visited Riverside Raceway last year so we had an idea of what to expect, but holy hell I’m not sure any one of us anticipated how much fun Casey, IL would bring. We appreciate all you fine folks for coming out and we love the area so much we’re debating making Slaw Dog move there so we can do way more fun stuff in the region.

3.) Brent Cue sent it for the crowd. The entire track headed into Casey, IL where we were greeted by about 3,000 locals to watch Brett jump off the WORLD’S LARGEST ROCKING CHAIR. It was so badass and very unique to be able to pull off something like this. Any day we can introduce a few new eyeballs to our sport it’s pretty rad. And if you don’t think it’s cool, you need to learn how to live life a little. I’ve seen many badass things throughout my years shooting moto and I can honestly say this was a truly epic moment for me given all the circumstances and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I also won’t lie: it is a big ass chair and I was slightly nervous. All went well though, and hearing the crowd erupt was priceless! Huge thanks to #bigthingssmalltown Casey, IL for letting us be the idiots that we are.

4.) The dirt. I know this is similar to #1, but it’s worth mentioning. I really, really wanted to ride both of these tracks. I would’ve crushed Slaw Dog [Slaw Edit: Unlikely] and Bird Dog by multiple seconds per lap.

5.) Drew, the track owner, got married at the event. Not lying. Following the Fasthouse / Miserable Clothing Pitbike races, Drew and his bride-to-be, Danielle, stood on the band’s stage and said their quick and concise vows to the entire crowd as they were awaiting “Freebird” to resume. Congrats you two, that’s certainly something I’ll never forget.

6.) The band and fireworks. Anyone that comes to these things know we’re all about having some fun. The band played for hours and the track crew set off thousands of fireworks (I think they might still be going) and we capped off Saturday night with some amazing vibes (and beers. Oh, and the “wheel of pain”. That one still hurts)

7.) The weather!! The Monday before the event we debated postponing due to weather. It was basically 100% chance of torrential rain all week and into the weekend, but Drew told us the weatherman was never right. We relied on his expertise and as the pits packed out Friday evening we were nervous as hell that Saturday would be underwater. We had Barbie car racing, slip n’ bleeds, beers, and other extracurricular mud activities on deck, but we didn’t have to resort to a single one! That wrong ass weatherman was SO WRONG and the weekend ended up being perfectly perfect. We were hyped!


We seriously can’t wait to come back! Lincoln Trail Motosports x vurbmoto put on one hell of a show and we’re not even sure that’s it’s possible to top it. After 862 entries on Sunday, Jeff and I have an insane amount of photos and videos to sort through, but we’ve got tons of content and free photos in the pipe! Be sure to check back throughout the week as we crank out more and more.

Massive thanks to everyone for coming out and to Drew and family for putting together one heck of a facility for us.

Check out the special segment in PulpMX where we talk about Brett Cue and his AMAZING feat:


  1. It was an absolute blast having you guys out here. LTM is a Midwest gem that I’ve been going to for over 19 years, and this event was probably the best weekend during my time in Casey. The Vurb guys as well as the Miserable crew were nice as hell and super engaging with everyone they spoke to, the events and racing were fun to watch and shoot, and the sense of community during the weekend was wholesome to say the least. Point 7 is no joke, I had told multiple people that I thought we were going to rain out on Saturday, and thank god I was wrong.

    Please please please come back soon. You guys in coordination with Drew put on a hell of a show, and you’re welcome back anytime.

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