5 Things: Thursday at the World Mini Grand Prix

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As you can see by our coverage, the 2024 World Mini Grand Prix has kicked off! Yesterday was practice day and we started qualifying motos as well. Today we have a big day ahead of us as we’ll finish qualifying and head into the championship motos. We’ve got a a lot of great things happening on the content side of things that deserve another look.

World Mini 101

We’ve brought out the big doggies to announce our event! We’ve got the legendary Kevin Kelly and joining him will be GNCC announcer Zac Herrin. Kelly is like the amateur national Yoda. He’s got 800 years under his belt announcing at all the big time races. Herrin is a somewhat new face to the announcing game, but he’s already making moves in the GNCC series and he’s got the voice of a seasoned veteran and he’s still only in his twenties. These guys will also be hosting our Grom Report broadcast/podcast, which is our daily highlight show. Yesterday they broke down everything that you need to know from the event, so check out the video above. We made Kevin eat the dirt too.

Track Preview With Jace Baker

The Baker family drove all the way from Florida to Nevada to race this event! For those of you wondering, that’s at least 36 hours! So, Jace was eager to get out on the track for practice yesterday and he had plenty of energy. We put our GoPro on him and let him rip in this track preview vid.

Free Videos

In a classic Wes Williams move of pushing the bar when it comes to video content, he just came up with another great idea. How about free video clips from your races? I mean, the video crew is already filming everything anyway and most of the footage never sees the light of day, so let’s give it to you as a perk for racing our event? Here’s a word from VurbWes:

Not only are we offering free photos from the 2024 World Mini Grand Prix, we’re officially stepping up our game and uploading all the video we shoot as well. We’ve done the hard work of capturing it, now it’s your job to figure out how to get it on your phone and/or computer and edit it. I’ve never once edited a video on a phone, though, so if you have any questions, please call Jason Crane or Chase Stallo. They’re pros.

I shot as many riders and laps as I possibly could, so if you find some clips of yourself, feel free to do whatever you want to do with it. Store it on a drive or edit a masterpiece and go viral on TikTok… it’s all up to you. All we ask is to please tag @vurbmoto @vurbshredtour and PLEASE buy something from shopvurb.com … That makes it possible to provide all this great, FREE stuff.

Here’s the link to the video clips. PLEASE TAG US ON SOCIAL MEDIA IF YOU USE THEM!!!

Free Photos

Another perk of racing our events is that you’ll get so many free photos. Every half hour yesterday, Wes would send me a message yelling at me that he was uploading another batch. Did you see the photos from practice? We want you to post these photos and tag us in them. We want the entire world to know that they missed out if they didn’t race the World Mini Grand Prix this year. Oh, and here’s another gallery from yesterday’s events!

Everything Else

If you have any other questions about this event, and you’re at the event, go to the Vurb booth and yell at Chase Stallo. It’s his fault. Everything else is listed right here in this amazing column put together by yours truly. The MXGP format really makes this event awesome because you know when your gate drops for your moto. Go golfing in between motos. Have fun. Let your kids be kids. Make memories. The 2024 World Mini will be an event you won’t forget.

Main Image: VurbWes

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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