10 Things That Will Stoke You Out on Mad Skills Motocross 3

I remember when I was rocking an f’ing Nokia flip phone and my lesser-known partner that, well, you probably have never heard of, Wes Williams (aka Chillidog), bought an iPhone 1. Yeah, Vurb is OG like that so you young guns better listen to your elders.

Anyway, there I was taking 15 minutes to text my lady back and Chili is over there playing this new game. I pretended as if I didn’t care, but the truth is I did care. I cared a lot. Come to find out the new game was Mad Skills Motocross (yeah, they’re OG as hell too, so keep those ears open and you might learn something).

I’d like to say I went and bought an iPhone and downloaded the game that same day, but this was early Vurb days before we became media superstars, so I was broke as a joke. It was a few years later before I updated but have been playing the game ever since. I’m now MUCH faster than Chili (and Slaw for that matter) ever will be.

We got our hands on the new release recently, which is just a perk of being media icons, and trust me when I say this game is absolute next level. And you can throw whips. And according to the lead game designer, Joe Welch, scrubs are coming in a future update. Yes, your screen time just took a turn for the worse, but at least it’s not spent doing stupid stuff like reconciling your bank account or buying the crypto dip.

Instead of a boring interview we asked Joe what the 10 biggest banger changes in the new release are. See below and be prepared for some new Vurb Tournaments coming down the pipe soon.

Now available for download for FREE on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Best in class physics

The same amazing physics players have come to love from MSM1 and MSM2 but updated to work in a 3D environment (*cough* whips) 

Over 130 career tracks over seven different regions (environments) 

Endless customization

Players can now customize individual parts of rider and bike 

Rider: helmet, goggles, jersey, pants, gloves, boots

Bike: plastics, bars, engine, exhaust, suspension, tires, wheels

Real life brands

At launch we will have gear and decals from Thor, Troy Lee Designs, FXR, Fly Racing and Era Moto with more to come post launch 

Multiple surface types

At launch we will have dirt and sand with more types coming later

Each has their own physics properties 

Three different multiplayer events at launch

Championships: Mini 100 player Jam like Championship

Jam: Same Jam format players love from MSM2 but with more variety. Now we can change up Jam length, amount of tracks, bike restrictions, prizes and more! 

Duel: 1v1 real time mode. Players go head-to-head with another player. Best time in 2 minutes wins! 


Now you can throw fat whips and can control the speed and size of the whip with a simple swipe

Scrub ability to come post launch in an update  

Seven bikes to unlock 

Each bike has eight parts that can be upgraded individually 

Like every Mad Skills game all bikes and upgrades can be unlocked for free

Option for 2 and 4 stroke on each bike

This will change look and sound of the bike (oh yeah, and we recorded real bikes to get these sounds – you’ll want to play with sound on) 

Huge updates planned for years and years to come!

Some things in the works are Teams, Scrubs, MX Factory Challenge Compound, more bikes, more career zones, track editor and more! 

Written by Bird Dog

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