Mad Skills Motocross 3 Vurb Classic Tournament Instructions

Oh, yeah, the Vurb Classic is coming to Mad Skills Motocross 3! Last year we teamed up with Turborilla for the vurb Flash Jam, but this is going to be totally different!

With Mad Skills coming onboard as title sponsor of the Vurb Classic on October 1-3 at Nxt Lvl 101, we figured, what a better way to celebrate than to put on a Vurb Classic Jam and Tournament for Mad Skills Motocross 3?

Vurb and Turborilla are excited to announce two new events that will take place in Mad Skills Motocross 3. 

Check out the details below.


Vurb Classic Jam

Everybody loves some good ol’ Mad Skills Motocross Jam action. MSM3 will host an in-game Vurb Classic Jam the week of the IRL Vurb Classic in South Carolina. 

  • Week long Jam in MSM3 that runs September 27-October 3, 2021Custom in-game
  • Vurb skins to be given out as rewards for top placement in the Vurb Classic Jam.

Vurb Classic Tournament

The second in-game Vurb Classic event is the Vurb Classic Tournament. This is the first time Mad Skills Motocross will host a tournament of this size! With the launch of the brand new Friends feature in MSM3 players will be able to challenge each other to 1v1 semi real-time races. This tournament will use the new Friends feature and crown a Champion of the inaugural MSM3 Vurb Classic Tournament. The Friends feature will be launching soon in MSM3.  


  • 512 player single-elimination, bracket-style tournament
  • The tournament bracket will be hosted on (sign up instructions below)
  • Players will use the new friend race feature in MSM3 to participate 
  • We will take the first 512 players who sign up for the tournament


  • Players will be randomly seeded 
  • Players will get notified via email (from about their first round matchups
    • Players will add their opponent as a friend in the new MSM3 friend feature
    • Players can use the in-game chat to set up a time to race their opponent
    • Players will race a best-of-3 format for beginning rounds
      • Each race is a 2-minute 1v1 race (same as Duel mode) 
      • Player with the fastest time after 2 minutes wins the race
    • Players will race a best-of-5 format and best-of-7 format for later rounds (see additional rules below for details)
    • Winner will self-report their results on Challonge
    • This process will repeat until we have a winner


  • Round of 512 – September 13-15
  • Round of 256 – September 16-18
  • Round of 128 – September 19-20
  • Round of 64 – September 21-22
  • Round of 32 – September 23-24
  • Round of 16 – September 25-26
  • Round of 8 – September 27
  • Round of 4 – September 28
  • Finals – September 29


The top 3 players at the end of the tournament will receive a prize package from the Vurb Classic sponsors.

First place: $100 gift card; $100 Vurb shopping spree; FLY Racing hat and t-shirt; Mad Skills t-shirt

Second place: $100 Vurb shopping spree; FLY Racing hat and t-shirt; Mad Skills t-shirt

Third place: $50 Vurb shopping spree; Mad Skills t-shirt

How to Sign Up

  1. Go to
  2. Click “GO TO REGISTRATION” button
  3. Log in or sign up for a Challonge account
    1. Note that you will have to verify your email address in order to register for this event
    1. If your “logged in as” name is not the same as your MSM3 username then click the “Sign up with an alternate name” text
    2. Enter your MSM3 username
  5. Click “REGISTER FOR FREE” button
  6. Enter your MSM3 username (double check this is correct or players will not be able to challenge you)
  7. Click “NEXT” and you’re registered!

Detailed Rules for Tournament 

If you sign up for the tournament you MUST READ ALL RULES below. By signing up for the tournament you agree to participate and follow all rules as stated below. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Before the tournament begins, there will be a 24-hour period where players can review the entrant list to ensure they are correctly listed – no matches should be arranged or played until the tournament officially begins.
  • Once the tournament has begun, find your next match in the bracket – you’re listed by your in-game name in MSM3. If you cannot see yourself in the bracket, please contact the Tournament Director (Jens “Birdshaw” Rasmussen) either through email ([email protected]), or Discord (Birdshaw#3488).
  • If no opponent is listed against your name in the bracket, you don’t need to play yet, so you can relax — I mean, practice and train — until your opponent is known. 
  • Once you have an opponent listed, contact them through the friend feature in MSM3 to arrange a time to play your races, before the deadline for the round (listed above each set of matches). 
  • If you are unable to contact your opponent for any reason, or you contact them and do not receive a response within 24 hours, please contact the Tournament Director immediately to ensure this is noted and further steps can be taken to try and arrange your match. In the case of an unresponsive or late responding opponent resulting in a match not being played, the absent/unresponsive player will be eliminated at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  • You are to play your matches inside the upcoming Friend feature in MSM3. Matches are 1v1 2-minute race format. More details below. 
  • Once you have played your match, please report the result in Challonge, directly on the Bracket itself. If you do not want to self-report your results, or if you’re having problems doing so, please report your results directly to the Tournament Director.

Additional Rules & Guidance

  • Rounds up to and including the Round of 64 will be a best of 3 races.
  • The Round of 32, and Round of 16 will be a best of 5 races.
  • Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Final will be best of 7 races.
  • There will be at least 72 hours between the deadlines for each round of play. The Tournament Director may at their discretion extend these deadlines in exceptional circumstances.
  • The Tournament Director will take all steps reasonably possible to ensure players have an opportunity to play their matches and will endeavour to connect players with each other and assist with scheduling. However, it is the responsibility of the players to arrange, complete and report their matches.
  • The most effective way to arrange your match is to include the following information in your first message to your opponent: your local time zone and your availability to play over the entire period up to the deadline for the round.
  • If there is no suitable time when both players are available before the deadline, please contact the Tournament Director immediately for assistance.
  • In the event that one player reports to the Tournament Director that their opponent is uncontactable, unresponsive, or has failed to attend within 10 minutes of an agreed match time, the Tournament Director reserves the right to eliminate the absent/unresponsive player.
  • In the event that neither player has made any contact with the Tournament Director and no result has been reported – the Tournament Director reserves the right to eliminate both players from the tournament.
  • All matches will be played within the Friend mode in MSM3. Both players are allowed to select their fastest bike owned. 
  • Races are to take place on a track agreed on by both players. If players do not agree on a track they are both to select Random Track. 
  • At the end of a race both players are to take a screenshot of the race results. In the event that players do not agree on the winner we will use the screenshots provided by both players to determine the winner. 
  • If either player experiences an issue with connectivity or a technical issue which prevents them from completing a race, please restart the race. If the same player experiences an issue of this nature more than twice in a single match, their opponent is entitled to claim the win if they wish. Any disputes should be raised immediately with the Tournament Director.
  • Players must play their matches using the MSM3 account they registered with, as shown on the bracket. If a player needs to play under a different account for any reason, they must inform the Tournament Director.
  • There may be byes in the first round of the tournament, due to the number of entrants, so not everyone will play in Round 1.
  • The Tournament Director reserves the right to alter or make additions to these rules and guidelines at any point they deem appropriate during the running of the tournament, to deal with any omissions or to clarify any specific situation which might arise. These changes will always be made in the interest of the players and a fair competition and will be communicated to all players.

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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