Why Pro Circuit Needs to Get on the Troll Train

A few press releases have dropped, and the pieces are starting to fall into place for the 250 Class for 2021. Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha and Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki have announced their lineups with Jeremy Martin shockingly joining the BluCru. Matthes and Weege first announced that news, but it was a shock to see it actually happen.

Although Pro Circuit is set with Jordon Smith, Austin Forkner, Cameron McAdoo, and newcomer Seth Hammaker, Troy Dog would like to add one more broski to the roster: the Troll Train, Alex Martin. 

Can we make this happen? I put out a tweet last week (shameless plug for more Twitter followers. Follow @troydogvurb for all your moto nonsense and hot takes) asking if we could make this happen and like 40 people liked it! I went viral for Chris sakes! 

This automatically means that all of you want to see A-Mart get a chance on the ol green machine tuned by the great Mitch Payton.

Troll is 30 (31 at the end of October) and in my opinion just now hitting his stride. I just turned 30 and I’ve never felt better (hey, you shut up I’m not lying). Mitch has a soft spot for taking chances on the old farts. He challenged RC with a second coming of Max Vohland’s dad, won a title with Mike Brown (who has always been 45 years old), and lived through two tours with grandpa Marty Davalos. 

How cool would the number 26 look on green? I’m keeping the faith that this will all play out how I want it to. JGR Suzuki obviously hasn’t announced their team lineup or any title sponsors yet. 

What do we need to do to make this happen? I have $20 in my wallet to put toward a potential deal between Alex and PC. What can you guys put toward it? Better yet, A-Mart my man, how much money do you need from Troll Nation? I’ll even up the ante by throwing in a pack of grape flavored Big-League Chew. 

Look guys, Star Racing is loaded up with exactly 17 riders for next season and I want to see the boys over at Pro Circuit with a fifth guy to carry them through the outdoors when the rest of the team can’t make it through supercross. Oh, snap, I went there. 

Alex is the first rider to win by a minute since Eli Tomac’s ridiculous Hangtown win five years ago. He’s the first guy to win by a minute in the 250 Class since James Stewart did it every race that he was ever in. 

Also, Troll is the last true gentle giant on the tour. Oh, the irony in that sentence. Seriously, he’s the guy that washes the front end in a turn and says, “Oh gee golly gosh Zook, I’m really sorry I tipped ya over. Let me make it up to you later over a split. It’s almond butter and strawberry jam”. 

PC gets another plus with the Troll Train vlog. The best damn vlog on tour.

Therefore Chancellor, Alex Martin is the hottest free agent in the world right now. We need him signed, sealed, and delivered. I for one would like to see what he could do on a Pro Circuit Kawasaki and I know at least 40 other people do too. 

Main image: Octopi Media 


Written by Troy Dog

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