Why Pierce Brown Wasn’t Allowed to Compete in the Second Race Restart in St. Louis

St. Louis was a tough night for Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS’ Pierce Brown. In the first 250SX East Region race of the Triple Crown, Brown sustained a mechanical DNF when Josh Varize went down in front of him and his bike hit Brown’s.

Brown had further mechanical issues in the second race and left the race early. The second race was red-flagged though when Kyle Peters went down and had to be taken off the track with an injury.

Brown tried to line up for the restart but was told by the AMA he could not. The reason?

According to rule 4.24f in the AMA rulebook “A motorcycle that has left the stadium floor or infield of a speedway during a race is barred from any subsequent restarts.”

Brown did return for the third and final race and finished sixth to take 16th overall on the night.

“Not the best night, I struggled with a lot of things,” Brown said in a statement. “I was in a bad position in the first race and then another rider hit me and my bike malfunctioned. The team was doing everything they could to get me back out there for the second race but unfortunately the bike just wasn’t 100 percent fixed. Tough one, but we got to start back up in the third moto and I had a good start and ended up passing for the lead. I led for a lap or two but I made a few mistakes and ended up sixth.”

Main image: GasGas

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