Watch Every Single Vurb Platinum Ever Made

When we first launched our Platinum series, way back in February 2011, we had no idea it would become the best-selling series in motocross. Wait, we did them for free? We probably should have charged for them. Oh, wait, we did with the Herlings one—and well, let’s just leave the past in the past.

They instantly became one of the best things on the Internet (in our opinion of course) with the Justin Barcia Platinum getting over 1 million views—the first motocross video to do so on YouTube. (At least that’s what we tell ourselves.)

While we neither had the time, nor money, to produce a new Platinum for our relaunch, we did take them off our MySpace page and put them in an easy spot for you to binge for hours upon hours instead of watching Netflix. We know you’re tired of that by now.

So, click the link and watch some of the best videos on the Planet. (Again, in our opinion.)

Click here to watch them all.

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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