Vintage Vibes: Vurb Classic 2008 Redux ft Barcia / Cianciarulo / Tannenbaum

The Vurb Classic is an event very important to the founding fathers of this dirtbike website. Ever since the early days of vurbmoto this race has been a cool addition to the dirtbike world. This year the race is going to be held on October 1-3 at Nxt LVL 101 in Gray Court, South Carolina.

Why is the Vurb Classic a can’t miss event for you? Well, I’m glad you asked, because I have a lot of good reasons. 

We hire riders and we put bibs on them. They are our “Hired Guns”. If you beat them, you will receive an insane amount of accolades, and potentially even some really badass awards. These said awards include the coveted FMF Youth or Amateur Performance Award, the Race Tech Most Shocking Performance Award, and a couple others we’re pinning down.

We’ve had the best of the best ride our events. Have you ever heard of guys like Adam Cianciarulo, Cooper Webb, Justin Barcia, RJ Hampshire, Jace Owen, Seth Hammaker, Axell Hodges, Justin Cooper, and Jimmy Decotis? Yeah, all of these men, plus many more, have passed through our events in the past and put on a great show. They owe everything to vurbmoto for where they are today. 

We will make you famous if you come to our events. As you have seen with the #vurbshredtour we don’t mess around when it comes to putting out exquisite content. Even if you aren’t a household name in the racing world yet, we make sure that you get a quality photo or some video of yourself. It’s not guaranteed that you will, but 6 out of 9 times it usually happens. 

We have a KING of the Classic. This award is given to the top rider at the event who puts on a Carmichael-like clinic to the rest of the pack. Do you think you have what it takes to throw down with the best of the best? 

Look, I’ll personally have more content coming out based around the Vurb Classic because my agent Bird Dog said to start pumping it for him. He makes me a lot of money and Twisted Teas, so we’re good. For now, enjoy this week’s Vintage Vibes. It’s from the first ever Vurb Classic at the famous and now unfortunately closed Bremen Race Track in Bremen, Georgia, which is now literally the home of DMXS Radio’s Kevin Kelly. 

We’ve got Barcia, Cianciarulo, friend of Vurb Max Tannenbaum, good deed nice guy Justin Starling, you can catch a glimpse of the late Trevor Donie, Jase Lewis, the Bell bros., Les Smith, and Derek Rogers…remember him? 

We’ve even got Auston Albers on a two-smoke. Smoke em’ if you got em’. I’m pretty sure this video was filmed and edited by Stew Dog…but forgive me Sir Chili of Dog if I’m wrong.

Written by Troy Dog

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