Vintage Vibes: The First Ever Vurb Voice-Over

Once upon a time the vurbmoto crew used the High Point National weekend to meet up and make some serious magic. Everyone in the squad would show up and we would just have the best time. 

For this edition of Vintage Vibes I’m going to take you back to 2011 and the famous first ever Vurb Voice-Over. I’m pretty sure Bird Dog and Stew Dog were the ones who came up with this idea, at least that’s who pitched it to me. I was helping film the event and I was instructed during any free time to film random conversations in the pits or the crowd. 

After the race we all unfortunately went to Slaw’s place…even though we didn’t want to. It was Swan Dog, Bird Dog, Stew Dog, Paul Wall Dog, Fred Dog, Slaw, and myself. 

Stew Dog threw together the best clips that we all had filmed into the timeline of his Final Cut Pro and we all gathered around his Mac to watch them. From there the ideas started flowing and the final product turned out to be one of the most memorable and talked about videos in vurbmoto history. Malcolm Stewart probably still gets a kick out of the “Boom boom boom, son” clip. 

High Point 2011 was a busy race for me. The day flew by and the only memories I really have are from making this video. We stayed up late making this and enjoyed making one another laugh. 

This is where the Roger De Coster/salmon joke escalated. Chili Dog and I call Rog “Salmon Dog” these days. I took a joke that I heard on DMXS Radio where Kevin Kelly and David Izer were talking about how much Roger loves salmon and I just thought it was funny. It’s really the boys at DMXS who get the credit for that joke though. 

Also, yes that was a fart at the end scene with Matt Wozney and his water. I was going in for a take and Stew Dog thought it’d be hilarious to fart on me. I just figured I would throw that out there for you. Good times. 

What do you think…should we bring the Vurb Voice-Over back? Let us know on social media and in the comments!


  1. YESSSSS. Tis a must have Makes this crappy site so much better. Plus this way I wouldn’t be so disappointed when I check back each time

Written by Troy Dog

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