Tyler Bereman performs at Red Bull Imagination 2 in Fort Scott, Kansas, USA. On 17 Septmeber, 2021 // Alyssa Del Valle / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202109220005 // Usage for editorial use only //

Tyler Bereman on Red Bull Imagination and AMA’s Mike Pelletier | Winners Take Y’all Podcast

Tyler Bereman jumps the shit outta of a motorcycle. We are going to chat him up about his signature event, Red Bull Imagination, where 10 riders forming two teams will all try to jump the shit out of their bikes. Oh yeah he’s in Kansas, it’s flat, and the service was less than stellar but we powered through. 

We also spent the first segment of the show talking with our brave co-host who just returned from an adventure ride out west and boy was it an adventure. Bear attacks, riders pissing blood, you know all the fun stuff us guys have shorter lives because of. 

And last but not least we had the AMA’s Mike Pelletier on to talk MXDN, how sucky the Patriots are, and we went over the AMA rule book, one page at a time. 

The show is 22 hrs long.  



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Main image: Red Bull Content Pool

Written by Kevin Kelly

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