Troy Dog’s Shack: An Update on Jason Henninger’s Journey to Loretta Lynn’s

A few weeks ago I wrote a story on my friend Jason Henninger and his road to Loretta Lynn’s to honor the late Walker Brightwell. 

As we all know this sport can be very brutal. We accept what might happen to us every time we throw a leg over our bike and with every gate drop.

On July 10, Henninger was putting in some motos at Tampa MX preparing for his upcoming assault on Loretta Lynn’s Ranch and he had a very terrible accident. The crash left Henninger with some serious injuries including fractured vertebra from T2-T7, multiple rib fractures, collapsing of both lungs, and a fracture of his left scapula.

Fortunately Henninger never lost feeling in his body. He had an eight hour surgery to fuse his vertebra together as well as add rods and screws. The surgery went well and recovery began. On July 16, only six days after his accident, Henninger walked up and down a hallway with the help of a walker and physical therapist. He was also approved to be discharged to an inpatient therapy center. 

Get well soon, Jason!

On July 19, he was discharged from the hospital completely. The recovery has still only begun, but being home with his family will help him overcome this setback quicker than not. 

What Henn Dog accomplished this year was not only a ticket to the Ranch that he had wanted for the majority of his life. He accomplished much more than that. In just a few short years of being back at the races, Henninger found a local race community that believed in him. He taught us all that no matter how old you are you can still chase your dreams and accomplish them while juggling being a father, husband, provider, and many other titles that come with life. He showed us that with the right combination of hard work, determination, and commitment that you can do what you put your mind to. That’s worth so much more than three motos at the Ranch. To top it off, Henninger has a rad wife and two awesome daughters, which is a win no matter what. 

The next time you think you are too old or too slow or that you don’t have enough time to accomplish your goals…just think of Henn Dog. Get out there and chase it!

A GoFundme page was set up by a family friend and if you would like to donate to the cause you may do so.

Before I go this week, I wanted to share the news that Henninger did secure the number 16 bib for his buddy Walker Brightwell. We know Walker is proud of that!  


Main image: 7wondersstudios

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