Too Long; Didn’t Read: Recaps and Results From Thursday at the JS7 Spring Championship

Winning is the ultimate reward for the endless pursuit of performance. It’s what drives us to continually refine, innovate, and improve our products. It’s what sets the bar higher each and every season. And when you have the best riders in the world testing and pushing the limits on every product we build, that bar is set at a very high level. The result of all this testing, refining, and winning is a product line that delivers performance that isn’t just race proven, its championship proven.

This is THOR. This is The Feel of Moto.

We know no one likes to read long race reports or sit around and watch live timing and scoring. So we are here to help with some quick recaps and results from Thursday at the JS7 Spring Championship at Freestone.

Note: This post will continue to update through the day.

Boespflug Outlasts Deegan in Schoolboy 2 (12-17) Moto 1

All the heavy hitters up front in the first Schoolboy 2 moto, as Preston Boespflug held the early lead over Haiden Deegan and Evan Ferry. Mark Fineis and Daxton Bennick rounded out the top 5. Boesfplug opened an early gap over Deegan, but on lap 5 Deegan closed back in to within a second. As the top two separated from the pack, Deegan made a hard push to pass Boesfplug on the final lap, but the Team Green rider held on for the moto 1 win.

Top 5 Moto 1

1. Preston Boespflug

2. Haiden Deegan

3. Mark Fineis

4. Daxton Bennick

5. Evan Stice

Hymas Strikes First in 250 A Pro Sport

Chance Hymas struck first in 250 A Pro Sport. Benjamin Garib grabbed the holeshot but Hymas was quickly into the lead with Ryder D moving into second early. Hymas opened an early gap in this one and was never really challenged by Ryder D as he went on to a 8.5 second win.

Top 5 Moto 1

1. Chance Hymas

2. Ryder DiFrancesco

3. Chandler Baker

4. Benjamin Garib

5. Gavin Towers

Ryder D Holds Off Chance Hymas in Open A Pro Sport Moto 1

The Ryder DiFrancesco/Chance Hymas battled has commenced once again in Texas. Gavin Towers held the early lead in this one over Ryder D. Meanwhile, Hymas was buried off the start. Around lap 5, Ryder D moved into the lead and Hymas had made his way to second, setting up a showdown between the heavy hitters. 

The duo yo-yoed back and forth for what seemed like 15 minutes. Hymas would close, only to have Ryder D withstand the pressure and extend his lead. The gap between the two was around a second for most of the race until late when Ryder D opened it up and was able to cruise to the moto win. Hymas took second over Chandler Baker. 

Open A Pro Sport Moto 1 Top 5

1. Ryder DiFrancesco

2. Chance Hymas

3. Chandler Baker

4. Benjamin Garib

5. Gage Linville

Carson Wood Dominates Mini Sr 1 (12-14) Div 1 

Carson Wood dominated the Mini Sr 1 Division 1 moto 1. That’s it. That’s the report. Okay, kidding, but Wood grabbed the holeshot and never looked back. He went on to win the moto by 10 seconds over Max Shane. He was flying!

Mini Sr 1 (12-14) Div 1 Top 5

1 Carson Wood

2 Max Shane

3 Nate Hummel

4 Grant McDonald

5 Zane Martin

Dudney Holds Off Dennis in Mini Sr 1 (12-14) Div 2

The second Mini Sr division was much more competitive as Caden “Not Crocodile” Dudney and Seth Dennis engaged in a good battle. Dudney got the holeshot, but he had Dennis all over him early and often. Dennis was within a second early, but Dudney withstood the pressure and stretched his lead out. Dennis wasn’t done though and made a big push on the final lap to try and catch Dudney. But it wasn’t to be, as Dudney once again stood strong under pressure and took the win by just over 2 seconds. 

Mini Sr 1 (12-14) Div 2 Top 5 

1 Caden Dudney

2 Seth Dennis

3 Landon Gibson

4 Kade Johnson

5 Cole Blecha

Janik Takes Advantage of Late Smerdon Mistake to Take Win in 250 B Div 1

Krystian Janik snagged the holeshot in this one, but it lasted all of a few corners, as Noah Smerdon quickly took the lead. And honestly, there wasn’t much else to talk about in this one as Smerdon lead late and looked good for the win. Then he crashed in the Texas 12 Pack and Janik came through to take the win. Smerdon would not finish the race. Lux Turner finished second.

250 B Division 1 Top 5

1 Krystian Janik

2 Lux Turner

3 Dayton Briggs

4 Jadon Cooper

5 Enzo Temmerman

Long Dominates 250 B Div 2

Like 250 B Division 1, not much action in this one. Evan Stice grabbed the holeshot but Avery Long took the lead early and checked out from there. Stice would take second over Jordan Renfro

250 B Division 2 Top 5

1 Avery Long

2 Evan Stice

3 Jordan Renfro

4 Jace Allred

5 Trevin Nelson

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