The Rebirth of Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

With the invaluable support of the motocross industry, MX Sports has announced “Operation Ranch Rebuild” in continuation of its spearheaded efforts to restore the racetrack and campground at Tennessee’s famed Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. As part of this organized effort, MX Sports and the Road 2 Recovery Foundation will also provide crucial funds to the community of Waverly as Humphreys County continues its recovery efforts from the tragic flooding that overwhelmed the region last August.
“It’s hard to believe eight months have passed since this incredibly tragic disaster hit Humphreys County and left tremendous loss in its wake, but from the moment it happened it has been our mission to be a leader in the recovery efforts for Loretta Lynn’s Ranch and the community of Waverly,” said Tim Cotter, Event Director, MX Sports. “Since then, we’ve rallied the motocross community to come together in benefit of those who need our help the most and have raised more than $350,000 through our ‘Racers 4 Waverly’ fundraising initiative with the Road 2 Recovery Foundation.
“Now, the time has come to put all this goodwill into action, bringing forth ‘Operation Ranch Rebuild’ as the next step of this process. Not only will we bring a team in excess of 60 selfless individuals to help us bring the Ranch back to life, but we’ll also begin the process of donating the money raised to individuals, families, and small businesses within Waverly.”

The rebuild began this week and we were there to capture it all. Stay tuned to Vurb for a small docu-series.

Written by Blake Keith

Hailing all the way from Somerset, Kentucky, Blake became engrained in the vurb crew because he came and crushed 14 White Claws, in one sitting, with Wes at Millcreek. After that, we realized his photos were really, really good.... so we decided to make him a video guy? Genius on our part. Blake is currently heading up our Maroon Program. He's Red Program in video, but black belt in photo, so we're pretty sure you get maroon when you mix the two. But we probably should've asked Jeeves to make sure.
The best thing about Blake is he accepts payment in beard oil.
Check out Blake at @BlakeKeith_.

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