Takeaways From Tuesday at Loretta Lynn’s: Kitchen Cooks (But is Docked), B Class Delivers the Heat, Deegan Lands First Blow and More

We’re back at the Ranch for the 2021 Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship. While most of the motos are live on RacerTV all week, we know you have jobs and such and can’t watch them all, so we’ll be spotlighting some classes each day throughout the week—Slaw included.

Here’s a few things we saw from the first day of racing. Check out full results from Tuesday here.

*Note: This post will continue to update.

Morgan, Bowsher Battle It Out For 65cc Supremacy

The first 65cc (7-9) Limited moto was a showdown between Oregon’s Elliott “Not Bowser” Bowsher and Utah’s Tayce Morgan.

Morgan was grabbed the early lead in the moto but Bowsher wasted little time and shot a red shell at Morgan and took over the lead. Morgan held tight to Bowsher though, avoiding banana peels and all, as the top two checked out from the rest of the field.

Bowsher appeared to have it wrapped up, but Morgan made a huge push with three laps to go and grabbed the lead. Bowsher fought back and tried to regain the lead, but Morgan dodged some green shells and pulled away on the final lap to take the win. Bowsher finished second ahead of Ryder Darrigo “Unchained”. Watch out for Gauge Brown throughout the week, he made a big push from the back to grab fourth. Braxtyn Mes would round out the top five.

65cc (7-9) Limited Top 5 Moto 1

1. Tayce Morgan

2. Elliott Bowsher

3. Ryder Darrigo

4. Gauge Brown

5. Braxtyn Mes

Full Moto 1 results.

Mistake Costs Beaumer in 250 B Limited

Jayden Clough rode to a comfortable first moto win in 250 B Limited after a mistake from early leader Julien Beaumer.

Beaumer took the holeshot in this one and was followed by Chase Yentzer and Clough. Meanwhile, title favorite Gage Linville had trouble early and rounded the first lap in 24th. Beaumer and Clough would slug it out throughout much of the early portion of the race before Beaumer would lose the front in a corner and Clough took over the lead. Beaumer would remount in second by had heavy pressure from Matti Jorgensen.  

The mistake would prove costly for Beaumer as Jorgensen would make the pass for second on the final lap, as Clough worked to an easy win after Beaumer’s crash.

Linville would crash coming through the pack but was able to remount and finish eighth.

250 B Limited Top 5 Moto 1

1. Jayden Clough

2. Matti Jorgensen

3. Julien Beaumer

4. Gage Stine

5. Chase Yentzer

Full Moto 1 results.

Kitchen Already Cooking

Ummm, yeah, probably not the best idea to let Levi Kitchen get a holeshot. The breakout star of Loretta’s last year, and Horizon Award favorite entering this week, destroyed the field in the first 250 Pro Sport moto.

The Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha rider got the holeshot and built up a more than 15 second lead just four laps (!!!) into the race. That lead dwiddled to around 10 seconds (Kitchen said on the podium he went down “2-3” times) but he eventually won the moto by 15 seconds. A great start to the week for Kitchen, who is turning pro after Loretta’s.

Behind Kitchen, a few class heavy hitters were off to horrible starts. Jett Reynolds rounded the first lap in seventh, but it was nothing compared to the horrid start of Chance Hymas, who was buried in 38th rounding the first lap.

Behind Kitchen, the battle for the podium was between Preston Kilroy, Austin Black and Reynolds. Reynolds made a hard charge early at Hunter Yoder, who was up front in third early, but made a mistake which allowed Black to slot into the spot. Renyolds made more advances at Black for third, but the rider out of Oregon held strong to hold onto the final podium spot behind Kilroy.

Hymas fought all the way back to seventh and was putting in some of the best laps of the race aside from Kitchen while coming through the pack.

*Update: Apparently Kitchen was docked two spots for jumping on a red cross flag, which gives Kilroy the moto win and moves Black into second.

250 Pro Sport Top 5 Moto 1

1. Preston Kilroy

2. Austin Black

3. Levi Kitchen

4. Jett Reynolds

5. Luca Marsalisi

Full Moto 1 results.

250 B Delivers the Heat

Oh, man, this was an absolute fantastic moto. Up front early it was Caden Braswell, Daxton Bennick, and Nick Romano. Romano was struggling early after taking the lead and Braswell and Bennick would get by, but this moto was far from over. Talon Hawkins was also in the mix early, but we think (we’re not 100 percent sure. Please send complaints to Weege if he didn’t) he crashed, and he ended up finishing 10th.

Braswell was riding great out front but on the fourth lap made a huge mistake and fell all the way back to sixth, which allowed Romano, who had regrouped after his early struggles, to claim the lead. AGAIN, this moto was far from over, as Gage Linville was making a huge late charge. With two to go, Linville put an impressive pass on Romano, but it lasted about two corners, as Romano fought back to take the lead on the final lap.

Romano started to pull a bit of a gap on Linville and then Linville got caught up in lap traffic, which allowed Romano to ride pressure free to the moto win.

Gavin Towers put in an impressive late ride to capture third over Braswell and Preston Boespflug.  

250 B Moto 1 Top 5

  1. Nicholas Romano

2. Gage Linville

3. Gavin Towers

4. Caden Braswell

5. Preston Boespflug

Full Moto 1 results.

Deegan Lands First Blow

The first round of the highly anticipated Supermini showdown between Haiden Deegan and Casey Cochran went to Deegan.

Deegan went a bit wide off the start, which allowed Jackson Glathar to sneak into the lead… for about a second. Deegan quickly took over the top spot and built over a four second lead. Cochran didn’t get a good jump and by the time he jumped into second, Deegan had around a four second lead. He cut it to three at one point, but the two basically traded fast lap times and Cochran wasn’t even to really close the gap.

This is going to be a battle to watch throughout the week.

Supermini 1 (12-15) Moto 1 Top 5

  1. Haiden Deegan

2. Casey Cochran

3. Enzo Temmerman

4. Krystian Janik

5. Adler Caudle

Full Moto 1 results.

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