T-Dog’s Takes: 5 Tips to Dominating the Pit Bike Race at the #VurbShredTour

Notice that this column now has a sponsor? That’s right! Troy Dog joined the Blu Cru and you should too! I have one in my garage right now and I can’t wait to go shred it this summer! Thank you to Yamaha for believing in my ELITE columns on this dirtbike website enough to sponsor me. What a dream come true! 

I may be a week early on this topic since the next stop of the #VurbShredTour isn’t until April 30 – May 1 at Lincoln Trail in Casey,  Illinois. You can thank Logan Karnow for his tardiness in answering me back for his turn at a T-Dog’s Takes column. Anyway, in a week and a half, you can find yourself as the #VurbShredTour Pit Bike Champion, just like my Troy Dog Squad ELITE rider Ashton Bloxom did at the East Fork stop back in September. My athlete dominated like I’ve never seen before and to me is the undefeated and defending champion of pit bike racing everywhere. I got with him this week to find out his secrets to winning on a world class stage.

Get a Pit Bike

Ash Doggie just picked up a new CRF110 for future domination, but at the East Fork race he had to borrow world famous designer (the man behind the T-Dog Squad designs) Braden Baumer of DaBaum Design’s KLX110. Ashton says having a cool friend like DaBaum Dog helping him out was key to his victory. It was a factory pit bike basically. Rule number one, you can’t race a pit bike race without a pit bike, duh.

Find a Hot Mom 

Despite Ashton wasting away all of his current time with a chick his own age (and putting his friends on the backburner) he will forever be looking for hot moms. It’s his thing, ya know? I have to hide Ginger Dog from time to time. He did say it’s super important to scan the crowd for the hottest possible mom that you can find because it helps your confidence out on the track. If you get the win, then you get the hot mom.  

Know What You Have

Our guy Ash Doggie knows what he has and he uses it to his advantage. He said that he’s a 5’4 TANK and that’s the perfect combination to keep your pitter pinned. He’s strong, confident, has a tight core, and mows people out of the way. 

Establish Dominance

This is a MAJOR KEY ALERT as DJ Khaled would say. Ashton gets motivated by getting his mind right. He told me that, “You have to establish dominance before a race.” It makes perfect sense because the next step is, “you have to know that you are better than all the losers racing you.” Then after you’ve accomplished that step, the third thing that you have to do (after you win) is, “let them know that they are all losers.” At East Fork, Ash Dog celebrated by taking the checkered flag and doing a very humble victory lap shouting, “I’M NUMBER ONE,” over and over. It’s the little details that count.

T-Dog Merch is a Must

This is the most difficult step to accomplish. Ashton is a Troy Dog Squad ELITE athlete, so he has an unlimited amount of pineapple merchandise. For a person not on the Squad, it’s almost impossible to get some. Ash told me that the sticker he adds to his bikes gives him an added 6 or 9 horsepower, but I think it adds more than that. IF you find a Squad sticker, shirt, or hat then you better run what ya brung and send it. IT’s your moment. This is your Michael Jordan flu game, or something like that…

We hope that this is helpful and that when you show up in Casey, IL for the #VurbShredTour that you come away with the Pit Bike Championship, just like our bro Ashton Bloxom. 

PS: Send photos of the hot mom to [email protected]. Thanks. 

Written by Troy Dog

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