Slawservations From Atlanta: More Speedway Races and East/West Showdowns Please

Atlanta was the second speedway race of the season and it was an 250SX East/West Showdown, and I have some thoughts. So I fired up the typewriter and wrote some things down I wanted to talk about. This is Slawservations from Atlanta.

I Want More Speedway Tracks

This was one of my favorite races to watch all season. The track was MINT! The racing was good and the 450s were allowed to eat a little. Do I want all speedway events? Hell no. Look, there is something special about being in a stadium, having the lights go out, the voice of Supercross God coming on, the fireworks, etc. I love it all. So, no, I don’t want to go away from stadiums. But, do I think we could incorporate a few more speedway venues? Yes. I think four would be the max. AND, it would allow us to go to places like Bristol and Charlotte and more. It would be epic.

I Want More East/West Showdowns

I don’t think making the 250 Class 17 races is the answer. 1) It kills Regional Supercross teams. 2) It really hurts privateers. 3) The injury rate putting 18-to-23-year olds through 17 rounds would be insane. 4) It would cost a lot of riders factory jobs. With that said, can we get a few more East/West Showdowns?!?!?! Seeing Craig and Jett and Hunter and Mosiman and RJ and more battle it out all weekend was great. Again, I think four is the answer.

125s Rule

That is all. That’s the update.

Poor Phil

Phil Nicoletti was coming off his best race of the season. He was in the mix. Then he went down hard in the heat race and we’re hearing he sustained a broken arm. Dammit. Poor, Phil.

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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