Rebuilding a Honda CT70 Minibike with Aaron Colton

Slaw ain’t much for bike build videos. Mainly because I can’t change an oil filter without blowing an engine, so “rebuilding” anything doesn’t much apply to me. 

When I stumbled upon the latest build from Aaron Colton and Red Bull, I was intrigued. Firstly, because the Honda CT70 minibike is one of my favorite bikes ever! Secondly, because the production value behind these builds is usually top notch. 

Well, this didn’t disappoint, as Aaron rebuilt a beast. 

“The CT 70 internationally is called the Honda Dax,” he said. “To me, it’s part of the Honda mini trail family and honestly [the mini trail family] is what lays the foundation for motorcycling, as far as normal consumer-based people riding motorcycles. The CT 70 was kind of from that same family, but the street legal version – I don’t know the exact numbers, but internationally, I think they sold millions of them. It was super low priced. The motorcycle came out in 1968 and they sold through all the way to 1994. It had a really long run. It’s always been a bike that I thought was super cool because really it’s like a small, fun kick bike, but its street legal. This one you can literally go to the grocery store.”

Written by Slaw Dog

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