Power Rankings: Greatest Motocross Races of All-Time

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Since it’s the off-season we decided to change things up a bit in the Guts Racing Vurb Power Rankings. Going forward, Slaw and Troy will be ranking different topics until racing starts again at Anaheim. Ginger Dog is currently breaking up fights in middle school for the next few months and will rejoin the rankings once racing starts.

As always, feel free to flame away on Troy below or on social. Not Slaw.

Now onto this weeks topic: Our greatest MX races of all-time. Again, OURS, not yours.

Troy Dog

-Obviously James Stewart had used his patented scrub before Budds Creek in 2003, but this was the infamous race where it was the scrub heard around the world! This was Stew’s first race back from breaking his collarbone at the Las Vegas East/West Showdown. For the first three rounds of the 125MX series it had been a battle between Ryan Hughes, Mike Brown, with a sprinkle of Grant Langston. Yet, none of these guys had a good race at Southwick, which was round three. Going into the next round at Budds Creek the Stew hype was real. He was back, but had missed three rounds, was it possible for him to win out and win the championship? He won the first moto convincingly. The second moto he crashed on the start and came back from last to first in one of the best charges through the pack of all-time. He left David Bailey speechless on the scrub and the rest was history.

-RedBud 2007 was an incredible day of racing between Carmichael and Stewart. I was there that day and for both motos the two were battling all day. I thought Stew was finally going to beat RC that day in an outdoor moto and with less than five minutes left, Stew went over the bars in a corner. I was standing right there. I actually saw everything that day because I ran all over the hills there that day watching the battle. A legendary day of racing.

-I was there at Kenworthy’s in 1997 as well. I was six years old and my dad was pulling me around in a wagon. It was 3,000 degrees that day. Jeff Emig wore his all black Shift gear that day and sat in the sun while the rest of the riders sat under the tree by the starting gate. Fro went on to finish 1-1 that day and some say that he had the riders beaten before the gate drop with the all black gear power move. 

-Millville 2013 was an incredible battle to the finish between Stewart and Trey Canard. If you go back and watch the race, these two were side by side for a good portion of the moto. It was an all out battle and those two were flying. 

-I wasn’t sure what I was going to put here, but I’ll go with Unadilla 2008. I was there and I remember standing there by Gravity Cavity as the skies filled up with black clouds. The storm was coming in. My dad and I stood there in the rain watching the final 450 moto that day and a relatively unknown Cody Cooper catching Stewart late in the race! James kept the lead and his perfect moto winning streak, but it was a memorable day due to the rain that came down. 

Slaw Dog

-This was peak GOAT and I was there. It was actually the first ever Pro Motocross race I attended and it was amazing. This was back when Pro Motocross was two days and rookies debuted here. It was awesome. It rained so damn much on Sunday and Ricky lapped the entire field. That will never happen again.

-As Troy pointed out, this was amazing. I’ve never seen two riders go this fast in my entire life. They were well past the brink of “I’m willing to die for this.”

-One of the closest races I’ve ever seen. This race is slept on.

-If you know, you know. This was heartbreak city for GL.

-Another underrated race. Amazing to see Josh Grant get a moto win at his home race.

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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