Power Rankings: Daytona

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Denny Stephenson is on Sprang Break at Daytona, but J-Law, Ginger Dog, Troy Dog, and that idiot Slaw Dog are here to bring you the best Power Rankings lists in the sport!

Law Dog

– I picked Cooper for a few reasons. One reason being, Webb got shafted out of a Daytona main event win by a lapper, and another reason being that this race is somewhat considered to be one in the bag for Eli. I’m sure Cooper’s well aware of that and will be on his game to make sure Eli doesn’t leave Daytona full of confidence. I see Cooper and Eli running the show at the speedway.

– Tomac, two consecutive podiums for Eli, but even in beast mode I don’t see anybody bringing the fight to Webb.

– Cowboy, Hombre, Zen Roczen – 3rd, 4th, and 5th can come out in any order. If we aren’t at Daytona I put Eli in this same group.

– Jett, I said prior to Anaheim 1 that I will be picking Jett for the win every race until someone straight up beats him. Riders have been finishing in front of them left and right, but I feel like last week was not Jett beating himself, that was Cooper pushing him that caused that mistake.

– Huntawrence, I could see Hunter finishing right behind Jett. Whether Jett finishes 4th or Jett finishes 14th, it just seems like he tends to run into a wall when he is about to overtake Jett.

– Sexton, I just don’t think Chase has really been on the KTM long enough to be able to be comfortable on such a awkward style track. If Chase is still dealing with that injury at all, this is not an ideal situation for him.

– JCoop, I put JCoop here because he obviously has a speed on the 450, but seems to be coming from the back in the mains a lot. With this track, he can make it up into the top 10 with a last place start. I hate to sleep on him because sooner or later he’s going to find his groove and he will be a top five guy.

– Ferrandis, I think Ferrandis will be better at Daytona than he has been to this point, but there are so many guys that I put him at the bottom of my top 10.

I also have a good feeling about Chisholm and Benny Bloss having some solid rides at this race, but maybe just outside the top 10

Slaw Dog

– How can you not feel bad for this kid? Came back from EVERYTHING and was crushing. I just hope we see him for Pro Motocross or even next year and he wins a title.

– Who you giving the bird to Coop? WE need to know.

– Yeah…

– Was cool to see the Deegs honor pops.

– My title pick. He smells blood.

– Jett vs Eli this weekend could be epic.

– BEST podium speech of his career. Loved it.

– One of the best venues in all of motocross and Supercross and MXGP.

– Do it for Dale!

– Note a typo. He deserves be on here twice.

Ginger Dog

(Editor’s Note: Ginger Dog didn’t care about deadlines this week. She’s probably splitting up a middle school fight as we speak.)

Troy Dog

– I wish nothing but the best for Austin Forkner in his recovery and I’m glad the injuries from that crash were not worse. Forkner may be the toughest dude on the planet.

– I promised you that JT’s biceps would be number one this week, but Forkner rules. JT needs to give me his workout regime, so I can try to copy it a little bit. Ginger Dog said I was looking scrawny lately. I can promise you that I will not be cutting out quesadillas from my diet.

– Wooooooo! Spraaaaang Breaaaak! Daytona always brings the Ginger Dog vibes out of me and for that I’m thankful. I never got to go experience a true Sprang Break, but my good friend Denny Stephenson has experienced many. I’ll just live through his stories.

– He’s coming. He’s getting warmed up. Don’t call him old.

– Stew is IN the booth with Weege and RC for Daytona!

– Six Arlington wins? That’s six more than I have!

– Justin Brayton has been crushing it on Race Day Live and the broadcast. Oh, and he won here in 2018 and I cried.

– Weege is delivering in the booth, just like we all knew he would. He’s in the booth with RC AND STEW this weekend. All-star cast.

– Ryder Floyd made his first SX main event at his home race in Arlington. He finished 16th! He’s a friend to the T-Dog Squad, even though I’ve never talked to him before. Well done Ryder!

– I had Coty Schock sitting six points off of the red plate after two rounds. Didn’t you? He’s been holding it down for ClubMX. His teammate Jeremy Martin returns this weekend as well.

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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