MX vs ATV Video Games: Ranked

I have written a TON about how MX vs ATV Reflex is the greatest moto video game in history. DO NOT @ ME ABOUT THAT. It just is.

The franchise has a new game coming out soon—Legends—so I figured it was time to provide the ultimate ranking of the games.

This is the only list that mattes. Don’t give me your list… because I don’t care.

1 MX vs ATV Reflex

2 MX vs ATV Untamed

3 MX vs ATV Unleashed

4 MX vs ATV Alive

5 MX vs ATV All Out

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  1. I’ve always thought an interesting question would be what happened to the physics engine from Reflex. It can’t be the same engine used in future games, so I assume that something behind the scenes happened and the IP wasn’t licensed down the line. I know THQ / Rainbow was an absolute mess for a while.

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