MX vs ATV Video Games: Ranked

I have written a TON about how MX vs ATV Reflex is the greatest moto video game in history. DO NOT @ ME ABOUT THAT. It just is.

The franchise has a new game coming out soon—Legends—so I figured it was time to provide the ultimate ranking of the games.

This is the only list that mattes. Don’t give me your list… because I don’t care.

1 MX vs ATV Reflex

2 MX vs ATV Untamed

3 MX vs ATV Unleashed

4 MX vs ATV Alive

5 MX vs ATV All Out

One Comment

  1. I’ve always thought an interesting question would be what happened to the physics engine from Reflex. It can’t be the same engine used in future games, so I assume that something behind the scenes happened and the IP wasn’t licensed down the line. I know THQ / Rainbow was an absolute mess for a while.

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