Must See: Leatt’s 2022 Range of Moto Helmets

Leatt’s dedication to rider safety and scientific approach to riding gear is distinct in their advanced new 2022 range of Moto Helmets, including the 9.5 Carbon 8.5 Composite, 7.5 and 3.5. The Leatt Helmets are available in a broad range of striking colors to suit all tastes, the 9.5, 8.5 & 7.5 helmets also come with a FREE pair of bulletproof Velocity goggles!


All Leatt helmets feature category-defining 360 ̊Turbine Technology, the helmet is lined with 360 ̊ turbines, which are discs constructed from an energy-absorbing material designed to allow the head to move slightly inside the helmet during a crash reducing rotational, direct and deflective impact energy. This technology has two key advantages, the reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain and the absorption of energy upon impact at concussion level.


The 9.5 Carbon Helmet and 8.5 Composite Helmet come with premium protective features like four densities of impact foam cut into five sections, visor with breakaway function and emergency cheek pad removal. The highest level of impact protection is achieved using 360⁰ Turbine Technology, which reduces forces associated with concussion and rotational acceleration to the brain. It is also certified and tested to DOT and the New 2021 ECE 22.06 plus it exceeds new FIM standards.

While large ventilation channels, a Pro-Fit elastic comfort liner and a hydration port provide all-day coolness and comfort. All helmets also feature a washable, anti-odor X-Static® Inner liner that wicks away moisture and offers excellent breathability. Both the 9.5 and 8.5 helmets come with FREE Leatt Velocity Goggles!


The 7.5 Helmet is constructed from a robust Injected Polymer Compound shell, offering exceptional protection at a mid-level price point. The 7.5 helmet is certified and tested to DOT and the New 2021 ECE 22.06 plus it exceeds new FIM standards. The 7.5 also features 360 Turbine technology as well as 4 densities of Impact foam for optimal protection across all areas, and has 3 shell sizes as well as a visor that breaks away and emergency cheek pad removal. This helmet also features large ventilation channels that keep your head exceptionally cool even at lower speeds, something Leatt helmets are renowned for. The inner liner is also breathable and made of a moisture-wicking fabric to keep your head cool and dry when the ride gets hot and sweaty. The liner’s fabric is also anti-odor and washable so you can keep it fresh and odor-free. Simply put, the 7.5 Helmet protects your head and brain from impact forces that occur during a crash. The 7.5 Comes with a FREE pair of bulletproof Velocity goggles.


The 3.5 Helmet is a made from an injected polymer compound with the shell in three sizes and is both ECE and DOT certified. It is lightweight, well ventilated and features 360 Turbine technology as well as other safety features like a Break Away visor for rotational reduction in a crash. It is crammed with decades of knowledge, safety, science and finished off with a great price tag.

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