Morning Espresso: The Latest on J Mart, Marchbanks and Phil

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Whoa, talk about a injury update from the PR team at Muc-Off/FXR/Club MX Yamaha. In their pre-race PR for Nashville, they provided updates on Jeremy Martin (back for Nashville), Garrett Marchbanks and our boy Phil.

Read on below:

JEREMY MARTIN: That did not go as planned. Jeremy’s crash in Atlanta led to some complications that were not diagnosed until Wednesday night. He had actually worked out Monday and Tuesday but felt something was not right. On Wednesday morning he went for x-rays, but they did not call him with the results until ten o’clock on Wednesday night. That led to a hospital visit and then the decision to skip the round in New Jersey due to a slight Pneumothorax condition that prohibited him from flying. He had a bit more rest over the weekend and he returned to the bike on Tuesday. With a couple of good days of training under his belt, he is ready to return to action in Nashville. He is disappointed of course, as he was also on the cusp of third place in his division. As they say, anything can happen in his last two races to change his fortunes. Jeremy has also been spending a great deal of time getting ready for the outdoor season. There is a heightened level of anticipation from himself and the entire team as he prepares to compete in his favorite discipline – motocross. Jeremy is as tough as they get, and we all admire his perseverance as he gets ready for this weekend.

GARRETT MARCHBANKS: I was optimistic for his return to Supercross and of course I wish that was the case. As time clicked along and even though he made progress with his wrist, it was still not in a place for him to have one hundred percent confidence in it. The worst thing that could happen would be to create another issue before he starts the outdoor season. Having done an analysis of the points structure to qualify for the Super Motocross finale, we determined that he could amass enough points to get into the top twenty with his normal performance in motocross. Motocross pays points per moto versus Supercross that pays points for an overall finish. We are comfortable with the strategy and look forward to his return to racing. With this decision, he can now focus his training completely on motocross and that is what he has been doing. He can now complete two thirty-minute motos per day, two days per week. A noted improvement from where he was only two weeks ago. In this sport you can become irrelevant when you are on the sidelines simply because there are so many other story lines. I can assure you that Garrett’s return will bring him back to the spotlight pretty quickly.

PHIL NICOLETTI: More good news on the injury update list. Phil had the pins removed from his wrist this past week and is on the mend. He will be cleared for some physical activity and bicycle rides in the next two weeks. He is not the type to sit home and be idle. He likes to be active, especially in the sport that he loves. A big THANK YOU to the team at Race Day Live for giving Phil an opportunity to participate in the show in New Jersey. He offers a very unique and detailed perspective on the sport and knows all of the players from the track crew to the team owners and everyone in between. I had the chance to go back and watch his performance when I returned home, and I gave him very high marks. One day he is a racer, the next he is the team manager and now he can add broadcaster to his resume. Thank you to Dan Hubbard and Daniel Blair for taking him off our hands for a bit of time.

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