Morning Espresso: Suzuki Hits Home Run; eMTB Supercross; Dungey on Nike Boots and More

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Suzuki Hits a Home Run

Seeing as I’m a current member of the RMArmy, you’ll have to take this with a grain of Slaw, but this is brilliant on Suzuki’s part to retweet this. 

WE at the RMArmy still kickstart our bikes, like the real tough, rugged men and women that we are. WE don’t need a push button. And, further, WE have our own special greeting! Do YOU have that? Unless you ride Suzuki, YOU don’t.

Also, hit me up Suzuki if you’d like me to be a brand ambassador. I take check, cash or Claws. 

EMTB Supercross?

Electric mountain bike supercross? Say, what? 

Dungey Talks Nike Boots

Remember when Nike made motocross boots? They were cool. They had Ryan Dungey and James Stewart wearing them. And they even had a commercial with The Rza from Wu-Tang Clan featuring Dungey.

Dungey recently wrote about his experience on his blog over at his coffee website RD Coffee. Below is a snippet of the piece, you can read the rest here.

The end product was a personalized, purpose-built boot for motocross, and by purpose-built I mean they weren’t meant to last more than a race. The most important aspect of the AirMX was that it was never intended to be mass produced, so it was made for performance, not longevity. In fact, the boot was designed to form fit my foot, and my foot alone. Nike wanted to make sure that the boot maximized comfort, flexibility, feel, and weight, so it was as streamlined as possible and wasn’t made to withstand more than a few rigorous rides. In fact, Nike sent Chip Jones, its Senior Director of Footwear Innovation and the man primarily responsible for the design of the AirMX boot, to every round that first season to take care of whatever I needed. Chip knows a thing or two about motocross boots, having designed them for Fox Racing for a decade before his move to Nike, so I had every bit of confidence knowing that I was riding in the best boot ever made.

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