Morning Espresso: Jeff Emig’s Perfect Day at Lake Havasu

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We’ve all heard about the glory days in the 1990s about how the riders used to hang out during the week and have a good time. Things were truly different in those days, until that one guy known as the GOAT showed up and single handedly ruined the party for everyone. After all, Emig and crew were in shape and they trained hard, but RC came in and rewrote the training books. However, for a while there our ’90s heroes lived as kings and Lake Havasu was THE spot to hang out. I had Fro tell me EVERYTHING about what his perfect day would look like in Havasu and it sounds like Heaven on Earth.

Stay For Sunday

“Sunday is pro day,” Emig said. “If you look at Pro Motocross back in the day, the amateurs raced on Friday/Saturday and the pros raced on Sunday. For us, the joke back in the day was Sunday was pro day. You have to stay that extra day.”

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

“For sure you’re opening Coors Lights by 10 a.m., breakfast of champions,” Fro said. “Hey, like the slogan says, ‘Coors Light won’t slow you down’. So, you’re getting into Coors Lights, having a good time, and listening to music.”

Spend the Day at Copper Canyon

“We would wakeboard some every now and then and then the rest of it was spent at Copper Canyon. Later we spent time at the sandbar and then we would go up the river. Copper Canyon was a legit deal back in those days and that was what you would have seen in the Crusty 2 film. The doubledecker pontoon boat that I had, people jumping off of the rock, the 75 foot jump off the rock. Copper Canyon was just mental. It’s just a lot of nonsense. A lot of stuff that you do in your twenties…crazy stuff. All the jet ski guys were around, you know Victor Sheldon, all the jet ski champions were always hanging out with us.”

That’s Where We Want to Go…To Kokomos

“By the time the sun goes down, you’re pretty faded by then,” Emig said. “Then you go to Kokomos, which was this bar and nightclub that was right in the channel by London Bridge. You have a good time at Kokomos.”

Nightcap on the Boat

“Hopefully you end up back on the boat later on listening to some Led Zeppelin or Peter Frampton, or something like that to wind your day down,” Emig said. “Then you take it in, tie the boat up, and get ready to do it again the next day. 

Keep Your iPhones Away…Oh Wait

Emig said that he enjoyed going to Havasu in that era because it was a way for him to get away from it all and have some privacy. Smartphones ruined that. People could actually go and enjoy the moment and have fun without having to worry about something called social media. Oh, if only we had a time machine! 

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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