Mitchell Falk Out For the Remainder of Monster Energy Supercross

AJE Motorsports/Motul GasGas Mitchell Falk announced on Instagram that he will miss the remainder of the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross 250SX West Region due to a back injury.

“Want to give a update on myself to my fans and friends. Unfortunately I will not be racing any rounds of SX this year. I have a bulging disc that pushes on my sciatic nerve which is something I have dealt with periodically for several years. For those that don’t know this nerve runs from your lower back down your legs and then branches into other nerves ending at your feet. When this thing is pissed off at me it feels like someone is stabbing me in the back and drops me to the floor. Along with that it constantly has a deep ache from my hips to my calf’s and my feet tingle. Over the years it would flare up due to training/riding and would only get better after I take a few days completely off. In July this problem flared up and didn’t go away this time after a couple days. Since July I have done numerous treatments along with physical therapy 3 days a week to fix the problem. The pain finally went away the end of November and I rode for a month with no problems. The week of A1 it decided to drop me back down to my knees. Some of the symptoms since then have subsided but it just needs more time and strength. Another heart break and a storm above me that doesn’t seem to leave. From the outside I can see how people could look at me and assume I just “blew it” coming from amateur to pro. But I know in my heart I have given my absolute all and I wouldn’t change anything but my deck of cards. Wanted to explain so people don’t expect a dirt bike pic. I’m not sure what my future holds but for now my main priority is to be able to enjoy everyday life and not be in pain. I will not say I’m done for good because I know how much potential I have if I were able to go into a season 100%. Dirtbikes or not I will always give my all ❤️”

Main image: AJE Motorsports/Motul GasGas

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