Joey Savatgy is Dealing with a Torn ACL

Man, this sucks. According to his Instagram, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-WPS-KTM’s Joey Savatgy suffered a torn ACL the Tuesday prior to Oakland Supercross in a practice crash.

Following an 11th place finish on Saturday, Savatgy wrote the following:

“Oakland was tough for me. I had a pretty violent crash Tuesday and after further tests I found out Thursday I tore my acl,” he wrote on Instagram. “Thankfully I have a great group of people around me and I was able to get thru what I believe will be the hardest day. P11 on the night, no excuses did the best I could. Back to work.”

Team owner Forrest Butler provided more information on his own Instagram:

“Sometimes they say “words can’t describe”, and this is one of those times! Straight to it, this is @versacesavatgy17 ‘s Hip to Knee right after Sat. nights @supercrosslive Main Event in Oakland. Joey put up a post (check out @versacesavatgy17 to read), letting everyone know he had a bad get off in practice last Tues. As you can see, yes he did!

I’m posting this on my personal page instead of the Team’s, strictly due to content and respect to all. For those who want to see, here it is (well, just one side of it…yes, the other side all the way around to his Cheek looks the same!!). People in recent years want to know, want to see and hear about riders injuries. They are professionals, yes there is a mental side to it – But we are also competing and there is strategy involved naturally. Joey didn’t want anyone to know going into Saturday. Why? “No Excuses” was his reason. And that is WAY more than enough for me.

Crashed Tue, could barely walk, leg was a ballon Wed, Thu with lots of help swelling was going down, bruising was spreading, MRI late Thu and Joey along with @seth_rarick were on phone with Doc’s till 12:30am. Fri Joey showed up in Oakland with one mind set and that was that “Sat would be the toughest day”. 100% the non-stop, constant therapeutic work by #PjOrgass proved essential (and cant thank PJ enough) – The rest…ALL credit to Joey because it was HE who rode through the Physical & Mental pain till the end. And the end was p-11, almost 10th, and still top 10 in Championship Points chase.

Every injury is different, effects every rider differently, even same injury two different times to the same person. @versacesavatgy17 has worked his a$$ off this entire off season, has proven to our entire @teamrmatvmc Team that he is in it this year to be on the box – and I 100% believe he will.”

It doesn’t appear that Savatgy will miss any rounds at this point. Through two rounds, he has finishes of 8th and 11th and is currently 10th in points.

Main image: Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM

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