I Rode a Surron and It Was the Best Thing Ever

BoogieDawg coming at ya live from the mountains of Idaho (way, way too far from the beach if you ask me) here to give you my take on Surron’s. 

I was given the opportunity to shred these fancy new electric motor bikes and boy do I have some thoughts. 

First off, I was duped. Anything that starts with SUR better end with an F. I went from thinking we were about to hit the waves only to find out we were going to shred the track. 

My initial take was hesitant to say the least. I’m aware the future is electric, and I fully support it, but having grown up a very slow moto racer and lived through the pivot from two-strokes to four-strokes, I was in full judgement mode. 

Well, that all ended about 30 seconds after hopping on one of those bad boys. I can sum up my thoughts with one word: WOW.

The power is unbelievable. When you twist the throt… accelerator… it straight up GOES. On top of that the balance of the bike is perfect. Literally on the first lap I was hitting jumps and diving into ruts that I seriously don’t think I would’ve even considered going through had I been on a race bike. You really feel like you can put your trust in these machines almost immediately after hopping on. The bike simply makes you feel like you know what you’re doing, which I can assure you I did not, so to have that feeling again was amazing. 

A couple added bonuses is the horn feature, which serves almost zero purpose on the track other than being hilarious. Picture this, 30 Surron’s ripping around, all laying the horn on the entire time. What’s also fun is since they are silent, so you can literally have conversations while riding with your buddies. 

Upon pulling in and taking off the helmet I believe I yelled “THIS IS THE FUNNEST THING IVE EVER DONE.” I wasn’t the only person to say that either. Our boy WeimDawg [Jake Weimer] said the same thing. “That was fun, like, really fun. I want one”

All in all, the proof is in the pudding. If you haven’t swung your leg over one of these things yet, do it the first chance you get. It won’t disappoint you, but it will leave you checking your bank account to see if you can order one of these. And if you do decide that, use code “vurbmoto” at Amped Bikes for $100 bones off. 

Back to the waves, BoogieDawg out!

Main image: Spencer Owens

Written by Boogie Dawg

Just a former farm dawg turned beach dawg who lives for the boogie.

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