How Much Money You Paying to Watch Jeffrey Herlings vs Eli Tomac Go One on One on a Sand Track?


Okay, this will never ever happen, but I’m so damn here for it if it does. 

Five-time world champion Jeffrey Herlings was on the Gypsy Tales podcast earlier this week and he said he wants to race Eli Tomac one on one at a sand track to determine who the baddest dude on the planet is.

“I want you to set up a straight up battle war with me and Eli [Tomac] on a sand track,” he said. “I want to race him one to one, 30 minute moto on a sand track. Two gates up, me against him. 

“We go to Southwick, even on a Monday, leave the track rough as fuck. Me against him. Man to man war.” 

Again, will this happen: Probably not. But I personally will pay my entire salary this year to watch it happen. Could you imagine how many damn tickets you could sell for this?????

Watch the entire clip below. 

Listen to the full episode below or wherever you listen to pods:

Main image: KTM Images

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