Eight Reasons Why You Need to Come to the Vurb Shred Tour at Tomahawk

The Vurb Shred Tour is heading to Tomahawk Sept 9-11 and we have a ton of reasons why you should come!

1.) Free Stuff! You know what they say, if it’s free it’s for me. We are giving away more free stuff than you can shake a stick at. Everyone who rolls through the gate gets $20 in FREE Motosport.com dollars. Along with that, Slaw Dog is going to load up an enclosed trailer full of freebees to send down the road with the boys.

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2.) This is Vurbmoto’s first trip Shred Tour stop in the Mid Atlantic. I had to put a special request in to Slaw Dog to get a Shred Tour stop that didn’t require an airplane and the boys delivered! Chad might be a little banged up after Loretta’s but he and the crew at Tomahawk will have the track dialed in both Saturday and Sunday for you to enjoy. I told them this would be huge so please don’t let me down. If it isn’t it will come out of my paycheck.

3.) Free Pictures! That’s right, we are bringing out some of our ELITE photographers like Mike Vizer and Blake Keith to shoot the entire weekend. We will have all pictures posted up on the vurbmoto website for you to download and post to whichever social media platform you prefer. In the meantime, checkout their socials @mikevizerphoto & @blakekeith_.

4.) Pitbike Racing! Tomahawk happens to have one of the coolest pitbike tracks I have ridden. The pitbike track will be prepped and open from 12pm – 2pm on Saturday with racing starting at 6pm. If you want a look at the track, check out MiniMotoNation on Facebook and Instagram to see some footage of prior events they have thrown at Tomahawk.

5.) STACYC and CRF-E2 Demos! Starting at 4:30pm we are going to have demos on the pitbike track with various STACYC models and the new CRF-E2 thanks to our friends at Greenger Powersports. Both STACYC and Greenger were kind enough to send a few models to us for you to try out at the Shred Tour! After the demo we will even have a STACYC race so don’t forget to bring your own! Oh, and we are giving away a FREE STACYC.

6.) Free Hot Dogs!!! If you haven’t guessed, we here at vurbmoto like hot dogs. So much so that we are going to grill up as many as my Yeti cooler can hold and give them out for FREE! Starting at 5:30 pm on Saturday we are going to throw down on the grill for the Fist Gloves Hotdog Cookout. We are cooking until we run out so bring an empty stomach.

7.) Win a 2022 YZ125! Stop by the Vurb booth to put your chance in to win a brand spanking new YZ125 from our friends at Yamaha. All you have to do is sign up! No purchase necessary.

8.) Good Vibes We do our best to bring the good vibes everywhere we go. We are for the people contrary to what Jason Weigandt said on his Post Race Show at Budds Creek when he said he didn’t see us even though he drove right by the tent. In all seriousness this event is for good times. We aren’t here to put pressure on anyone to try and be better or faster than the next guy. We do these events to bring the local motocross community together for a good time to hang out with friends and shred your dirtbikes. So come out, have a good time, eat some hotdogs, and let’s show everyone how the Mid Atlantic does it.

Written by WadeRaynor

My name is Wade and my wife has a sick RV.

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