Deegan Out – Jorgensen ON FIRE | 250 B Moto 1 Uncut

You can’t win a Monster Energy Loretta Lynn’s title in the first moto, but you can lose one. Bad luck struck class favorite, Haiden Deegan in moto one after a collision with Evan Ferry left him with a blown-out wheel and a DNF. Matti Jorgensen of Denmark took full advantage and was full send out front, with Preston Boespflug and Evan Ferry also looking to capitalize on Deegan’s misfortune. See how it all played out.

250B Moto 1 Uncut

Written by Jeff Simpson

We met Jeff sleeping in a tent down the street from Loretta Lynn's... with his computer. At that point, we knew he would fit in with us. Then, he then drank all the white claw flavors none of us liked, and that's when we knew it was meant to be. Jeff officially became part of the crew.
We're terrible at asking questions, so we're not exactly sure what Jeff does for a living, but he loves petting his cats and dog, growing his beard, and living in a cornfield in Michigan. Jeff also likes to wear cycling glasses while driving his car and using his cameras. We like Jeff.

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