Clueless: Don’t Give Webb Even the Slightest Whiff of a Victory

Waking up Sunday morning, I was preparing for the regular SX viewing over my morning bowl of porridge and suddenly I saw that it was a Triple Crown and that meant I’d now have to clear my morning schedule as six races is more than two races… thankfully, it was entirely worth it!

-Everyone wants riders to give more opinions

-Except when riders get on the box and give more opinions, then they don’t want them to

-Obviously Todd Harris didn’t think Sexton wanted to be way down the field, but he still asked the question anyway

-At least RC wasn’t commenting on AC only having to just get laps in and… *checks notes*….. ahhh shit

-Are we now going to watch replays of Tomac crashing out of the lead during next weekend’s main event, as it has now happened twice

-If the 250s had a whole season of Triple Crowns, there would definitely be no riders left

-I think it was about five laps into the third 250 main before we saw who was actually leading

-A permanent graphic of the “Virtual Points Totals” in these Triple Crowns would be greatly beneficial to the viewers, and the people in the broadcast booth

-I feel sorry for that lapper, he really couldn’t do anything about blocking Sexton

-Mixed feelings on these mid-race interview clips they show. On one hand they distract from the racing, on the other hand, they mute the commentators.

-Nate Thrasher may or may not have been riding with a torn ACL

-I’m not taking credit for Jordon Smith not crashing in race two, but I did say I preferred it when he didn’t crash, and he obviously listened, right up until his crash on the last lap of race three

-These guys have got to realize not to give Webb even the slightest whiff of a victory

-Next up, Daytona! A nice carbon-neutral Tampa-Oakland-Arlington-Daytona swing

Main image: KTM Images

Written by Coney Island Dog

TL;DR: Tomac Staying for Pro Motocross; Updates on AC, Savatgy, Ferry; Tight Points Race and More

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