Black & White: David Pulley

The factory lifestyle is, to some level, glamorous and appealing to all of us. It’s also an easy way to gather content that’ll surely generate views. That’s all fine and dandy, but what about the privateers? I’m talking about the privateers that are just trying to make a night show, or make their first-ever main event? They may not have the star power of Jett Lawrence, but we wanted to peel back the curtain a bit and follow around a privateer who is investing in themselves and working their ass off to be in that night show. Enter: David Pulley.

Pulley is a Southern California native, who has been chasing the Supercross circuit (not the video game) for quite a few years. The goal? Make as many night shows as possible and then start pushing to make mains. Thus, for our latest installment of Black & White, followed DP138 for the day to see what he’s doing to make his dreams a reality and shed some light on the privateer lifestyle.

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