A Day with Pierce Brown as He Prepares for his Return at Daytona

When we dropped the Black & White episode of Pierce Brown training for his much anticipated return to racing it was overshadowed by his mechanic giving him a little “motivation” by pretty much telling him he’s riding like trash. 

To no surprise, the message boards were ablaze with people disagreeing with the interaction between Brown and his mechanic.

Our thoughts are this, first off, none of us know the relationship between a rider and his mechanic. Only they know how to motivate each other. Do you think if the mechanic forgot to set his sag before a sprint lap that any rider in question wouldn’t have given similar feedback?

This is a here today gone tomorrow industry. I’d argue more so than any other sport. These guys are fighting for their jobs every single day, on every single gate. A little tough love goes a long way in motivating someone who is about to jump into a series where everyone else is peaking. He’s looking out for his riders and, of course, his own well-being.

With that said, we spent the day with Pierce recently where we had a chance to get a glimpse into the life of the young Red Bull star as he prepares for his return to Supercross this weekend at Daytona. Check out a collection of photos I grabbed along the way. 

We arrive at Brown’s home around 7 a.m, and after a brief run down of the days plan, he starts his day with an exercise on the row machine. Pierce watches reruns of James Stewart era motos to help get him through the workout. After cooking breakfast, Pierce loads up and we make our way to the track. 

Today Pierce rides at R.D Field, the private facility in Murrieta, California where the GASGAS, Husqvarna, and KTM racing teams perform testing and training. Pierce gears up, does a few stretches, and climbs aboard his GASGAS 250. He takes to the track where he’ll start his day of sprints and motos. With the rest of the team in Florida for the Orlando SX, Pierce is the sole rider at the track today. Take a look at the GoPro below to see the track from Pierces’ (front number plates) POV. 

While Pierce prepares to ride, I took a moment to grab a few shots of his TLD GASGAS 250. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about the new brand bike when I first heard they were coming to Supercross. But, they’ve definitely grown on me, and I think a lot of that has to do with how BADASS Troy and his team has got these bikes (not to mention gear, check out that helmet!) looking. 

Just weeks after his return to riding, Pierce is back to ripping around the supercross track with his seemingly effortless style. While mostly a good day for Pierce, it also comes with its share of struggles, which can be expected when returning from an injury like Brown’s. 

Pierce works with his mechanic, Kristian, who is not afraid to give Pierce some tough love to help him focus on riding smoother to ride faster. Take a look at Kyle Cowling’s “Black &White” to see Pierce overcome his struggles and salvage the day.  

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