5 Things To Look Forward to In SMX Playoffs

I can’t wait for the SuperMotocross Playoffs and Finals! Earlier this week I wrote a column about all of the details that you need to know about racing. This feature is about five things I’m REALLY looking forward to and why. Of course I’m excited about other things, but this column can only fit five things, alright? I don’t make the rules. Or maybe I do…

Hybrid Tracks

These playoff tracks are set up in big venues like the drag strip in Charlotte, the Speedway in Chicago, and of course the famous LA Coliseum. We’ve seen supercross take over speedways in the past obviously, but these tracks will be different. If you’ve seen the track layouts you’ll notice that we will have long lap times, both supercross and motocross obstacles, and a two moto format. The motos will be 25 minutes plus a lap bringing the best of both worlds to decide the SuperMotocross champion.

BIG Money

The powers that be put together the biggest purse in the history of the sport. A sum of $10 million dollars will be split up between both classes. The 450 class will be going after $1 million for first, while the 250 class will be going for $500,000 for first. I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely envious of these riders and the skills that they have on these dirt bikes. I could use some of this mula right now! If Slaw does his job correctly you’ll find the complete breakdown of the payout below. 


Each playoff round is going to have an LCQ to fill at least two spots on the gate and more if needed due to injury. I’m truly banking on these being the best LCQ’s of all-time with all of this money on the line. What’s even better is that the lineup for these races are stacked with some really great riders who have had great results. These guys are going to be sending it with only two spots available for a chance at some big money. Imagine you win the LCQ and then finish like fifth overall in the races? With the playoffs this scenario is extremely possible. 

Points Going Crazy

The points are reset through the top 20, which means Chase Sexton and Hunter Lawrence have 25 points heading into the first playoff race this weekend in Charlotte. It’s a three point advantage over second and so on. The first round will pay 25 points to the overall winner, just like the Triple Crown system pays in SX. Now, here is the real kicker: in playoff 2 the points are doubled, meaning the overall winner gets 50 points, second gets 44, and third gets 40. The Finals at the Coliseum will get even crazier with TRIPLE POINTS. The overall winners will get 75 points, second 66, and third 60 points. This will create chaos and many different scenarios and storylines throughout the playoff races. It’s three straight weeks of excitement!

The Coliseum

How about some nostalgia for all of us? The sport returns to the LA Coliseum for the first time since 1998. It’s going to be a homecoming since the first ever supercross was held here in 1972 at the “Superbowl of Motocross”. The riders have been going up and down the peristyle jumps for what seems like centuries. I’m hoping that the spectacle of this will still be cool with today’s 450s. I think it will. We’re lucky the stadium is still around as it closes in on its 100th birthday here within the next eight or nine years. This was always one of my favorite races to watch as a kid and I’m thankful it’s back.   

Main image: Feld Motor Sports

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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