You Need To Watch This GoPro Footage of Tim Gajser Coming From Nearly Dead Last To Win in Russia

Reigning MXGP Champion Tim Gajser was en fuego at the opening round of the FIM World Motocross Championship this past weekend in Russia. 

After a dominating first moto, Gajser was pushed wide off the start in the second moto and came from basically dead last to claim the win and the overall via 1-1 scores. 

“First of all, I’m really happy that we are back racing,” he said in a team statement. “It has been a really long period without races and it is great to see so many fans here in Russia. In the first race my start was good, and my riding was smooth and consistent. I was able to get into the lead quickly and control the moto. Then in the second race my jump out of the gate was good but someone on the inside, crashed and pushed me off the track and I even jumped off the bike so when I remounted I was way back in the pack. I searched for some lines in the first few laps, trying to pass as many people as possible. I got into second and looked where best to make the move and once I got into first, I made a gap and took the win. I’m very happy with how it all went this weekend.”

Highlights don’t do this ride justice. But you know what does? This amazing GoPro footage. Look at him just carve his way through the field. Amazing!

Written by Slaw Dog

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