Ryan Sipes and Matt Cogar perform in Red Bull Hot Saws in Elizabethtown, Kentucky USA on 29 January, 2021. // Chris Tedesco/Red Bull Content Pool // SI202102130012 // Usage for editorial use only //

What Happens When You Put Ryan Sipes’ Two-Stroke Motor Into Matt Cogar’s Chainsaw?

Well, Red Bull and Ryan “Mr. Everything” Sipes are at it again. Full disclosure: the team here at Vurb were part of this production, so we are extremely biased about how awesome this video is. I digress.

The team at Red Bull paired up Sipes and Matt Cogar, who apparently is the Michael Jordan of saws and stuff. Dude is six-time Stihl Timbersports US Champion and a U.S. Record UH and World Record Standing. Slaw don’t know what this all means really, other than he’s a bad dude with a saw and an axe.

Well, Red Bull recently decided to combine Ryan Sipes’ two-stroke and Matt Cogar’s chainsaw and you’re just going to have to watch this, because this saw is INSANE.

For a better viewing experience, watch it on Red Bull Motorsports Facebook here.

Main image: Chris Tedesco/Red Bull Content Pool

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