Vintage Vibes: Someday 2007 ft Stroupe / Lemoine / Cunningham

We have a lot going on here around vurbmoto headquarters so why not add to it! I had a meeting with Slaw to discuss content and he told me I should write more. I said you aren’t the boss of me and don’t to tell me what to do. [Slaw note: I am and I will]

So, here I am with a new column! This is a throwback within a throwback. On vurbmoto V1 we always had a Throwback Thursday to showcase an old video that we thought was amazing. So I’m doing it again. But now we’re calling it Vintage Vibes because Throwback Thursday isn’t as cool.

How many of you dweebs know that the Barcia Platinum isn’t our only video? We have a plethora of hidden gems that y’all probably forgot about. Let’s kick it old school here. Cue the Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right”! 

This first video I’m going to showcase was the first video that I ever watched of vurbmoto. It wasn’t even known as vurbmoto then, it was the Allegiance phase. If you don’t know what the Allegiance phase was then ask Bird or Chili because I don’t have time to get into it here. If they don’t remember then go ask your mom. Originally I watched this video on MySpace I believe and if you don’t know what that is — then again — go ask your mom. She used to be in my top 8. 

This video takes us back to before the Texas Nationals in early 2007. Chili Dog filmed a plethora of then amateur hot shoes that went on to have success to some capacity as a pro. Matt Lemoine and Austin Stroupe are featured mostly, as well as Hunter Hewitt, Kyle Cunningham, and Kyle Regal. Wil Hahn’s arm is in a sling, we catch a glimpse of Beau Hudson (whatever happened to Beau?), and Sunny Drake.

Written by Troy Dog

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