Tyler Bereman Shreds Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down South

Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down South at Dade City Raceway is a can’t miss race. It has everything you’d want from a moto weekend. Don’t believe the track is insane? Tag along with Red Bull Imagination visionary, host, and 10-time X Games medalist Tyler Bereman for a lap around the track.

Written by Bratwurst Bolling

Brandon "Bratwurst" Bolling is one of the highest ranking vurbmoto filmmakers in the Karate category. Brandon's work started with vurbmoto way back in 2007 as one of our first contributors, when he was only just a white belt. Throughout the years, he only managed to conquer the Blue belt, but luckily his video work has propelled him into other places in life, including running his own Brat stand in Cape Coral, Florida.

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