Troy Dog’s Shack: Ginger Dog and I Are Head to REDBUD!

I’m swamped in my CEO duties this week, but I just wanted to write a little something to let YOU know that Ginger Dog and I are going to RedBud. Not only are we going, but we are both ELITE and esteemed members of the media this weekend. That’s right! For some reason, you people keep demanding more of her and now you get your wish. We are putting Ginger Dog to work and I’m going to really make her earn her money this weekend. She’s going to get the scoops.

Ginger Dog and I are leaving for RedBud somewhere tomorrow around 11 a.m. and we are driving. So, before anyone even starts with the amazing jokes of, “Don’t miss your flight, bro,” (like Vital MX Jamie) has already done, well just SAVE IT. Ginger Dog is with me and I’ll be totally fine. She will make sure I have everything I need to survive at a dirt bike track for one day. 

What do I need? Well, I just got a fresh shipment of stickers from the SQUAD’S ELITE designer Braden Baumer at DaBaum Designs. He’s a beast at what he does and to be real, we wouldn’t have a SQUAD without the man. He will be at RedBud this weekend too. If everything goes to plan we will be linking up with Chili Dog Wes and my dude Jeff Simpson (bring back Vurb VMZ) in lot B to pass out millions of dollars worth of Vurb merchandise and to drink YOUR Twisted Teas. I WANT THEM ICE COLD AND THE CANNED ONES. Thank you. So, if you want stickers then come and find me. 

Speaking of the Troy Dog Squad, the majority of the team will be out in full force at RedBud. We will be missing Justin Starling and Ezra Hastings. Star Dog is at home chilling in Florida enjoying summer break and EZ Dog is back home in Indiana having surgery today actually. We will miss those dudes for sure. Grant Harlan will be shredding and looking for his best finish of the summer and Luke Renzland will be out there ripping up the 450 class as well on his 250 two-stroke! We’ll have team manager Ashton Bloxom on the scene to make sure our guys have everything they need. I haven’t seen DaBaum Dog or Ash Doggie since Indianapolis so I’m pumped to bro down with them. 

Shoutout to my buddy Kirk Dog who is in charge of security at RedBud. He saved me an official CEO spot in the pro pits. He also said that he wants to break my ankles in a 1v1 game of basketball, but I’m not sure that he knows that I been Steph Curry with the shot. Stay tuned to this story.

Also, if you bring a sign, or t-shirt in support of Grant Harlan then you will get hooked up on stickers and possibly more. It depends on how much budget I have left after this weekend (looking for a Squad sponsor for 2023). Come support Har Dog and Dozer Dog and get their autographs and tell them how much you appreciate them. 

I really look forward to broing down with as many RedBud faithful as I can. So, if you see our crew then give us a RedBuuuuuuud and come chat with us! We will see you there!

If you have a burning question you need answered or just want to chat then email me at [email protected] or follow and reach out to me on Instagram/Twitter @troydogvurb .

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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