TL;DR: Loretta Lynn’s, Tuesday | Pine Time, Emig Takes a Win, WMX Battles and More

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Pine Time at The Ranch

In the first 85cc moto, it was Pine Time as Darren Pine led every lap of the race to take the moto win. Wyatt Thurman kept Pine honest the entire moto and even posted the fastest lap of the moto, but he wasn’t able to find his way around Pine. The top two separated themselves from the field and they seemed to like it that way. Maddox Temmerman was today’s hard charger after battling from 24th to 9th.

Moto 1 Top 5

1 Darren Pine

2 Wyatt Thurman

3 Braxtyn Mes

4 Wyatt Duff

5 Tayce Morgan

Are You Not Entertained?

After the first corner of Moto 1 of the 65 (7-9) Limited Jaydin Smart found himself on the ground in dead last. While posting the fastest laps of the race, Smart found a way to battle from 18th on lap 1 to end up second after just 6 laps while putting on an absolute show for the fans who lined the fences. Up front, though, it was Yamaha’s Kade Nightingale who lead every single lap en route to the first moto win. Anderson Waldele would round out the podium.

Moto Top 5

1 Kade Nightingale

2 Jaydin Smart

3 Anderson Waldele

4 Seth Kemnitz

5 Talon Hinson

Yamaha’s Strong Run in Open Sport

Bryce Shelly jumped out to the early lead showing the moto world that he has the skills to pay the bills aboard a 450. Daxton Bennick, Avery Long and Gavin Towers added their Yamahas in the top 10. Bennick was too much to handle as he bulldozed his way into the early lead and took the win over Avery Long. Parker Ross and Mark Fineis make hard charges to capture third and fourth.

Moto Top 5

1 Daxton Bennick

2 Avery Long

3 Parker Ross

4 Mark Fineis

5 Gavin Towers

Emig Out Front and on Radio Fox

The Masters 50+ moto was insane as Fro nabbed the lead from Mike Brown on lap 5 after Brownie lost nine spokes in his front wheel. While keeping the font wheel light, Brownie limped to the line in second, but it was Emig with the win. I’m sure you’ll hear all about if you check out Tuesday’s show on Radio Fox!

Moto Top 5

1 Jeff Emig

2 Mike Brown

3 Barry Carsten

4 Gregory Pamart

5 Gary Benton

A Table Set for Two

When the WMX gate dropped, it was Kyleigh Stallings putting her Team Green Kawasaki out front, but she had heavy pressure from Lachlan Turner as the two battle all moto until the very end with Stallings taking the win. Fellow Kawasaki combatant Sophia Phelps was buried outside the top 10 off the start but erased a nine-position deficit and battled back to second while posting the fastest lap of the moto to pass Turner late. Safe to say that these three are set to do battle all week long.

Moto Top 5

1 Kyleigh Stallings

2 Sophia Phelps

3 Lachlan Turner

4 Viviana Contreras

5 Hannah Hodges

Main image: Mike Vizer

Written by BigMxRadio

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