TL;DR: Loretta Lynn’s, Thursday | Mud Motos, 250 B Barn Burner and More

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The Rain Came

As the sun crested the horizon to mark the start of the third day of racing here at Hurricane Mills, ominous clouds began to gather and with them, heavy rain. A storm system had been gathering from the heat and humidity. The clouds couldn’t hold back any longer and all hell broke loose. One moto from the schedule was able to be completed in the rain but lightning and heavy rain forced everyone back to the pit. The rain wreaked havoc on tents, awnings and even lil Aden Keefer’s gear bag which he left outside in the rain. Poor, lil Keef.

The Moto Before the Rain

250 B Limited stormed out onto the Loretta Lynn’s racetrack for the first moto of the day. Charging out of turn one, it was Jeremy Fappani with a holeshot which grew to a 6 second lead on lap one. Eventual runner up Leum Oehlhof was mired back in eighth and 12 seconds back. Oehlhof came within four seconds of the leader Fappani but that’s as close as he would get. At the checkered flag, Fappani had led wire to wire. Evan Stewart out of Canada started strong but multiple issues saw him head to the truck after just 7 laps. With most of the attention at the front, few would notice that Alvin Hillman out of Visalia, CA. got a terrible start outside the top 25 and battled tooth and nail to wind up finishing in a strong eighth.

250 B Limited Moto 2 Results

  1. Jeremy Fappani, Scottsdale, Ariz., KTM
  2. Leum Oehlhof, Oak Hills, Calif., Yamaha
  3. Grayson Fair, Jonesboro, La., KTM
  4. Thomas Ralston, Dalhart, Texas, Yamaha
  5. Trace Holland, Spicewood, Texas, KTM

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When We Finally Got Back to Racing

The race order prevails over everything. Following multiple inches of rain, the track crew began repairing the track for the 65 (10-11) Limited division. Likely not estranged from riding the wet conditions, the field of youngsters lined up for their second moto. When it came time for a sight lap, Jackson Vick was the only one on the line interested in checking out the track. The extra track time proved helpful as he was able to take home the bronze this moto. The top performing Canadian of the week so far has to be young Talon Medaglia (son of current MX1 racer Tyler Medaglia) who used his diverse skill set on two wheels to bring home a second place finish. Out front, it was Easton Graves leading the pack including Easton Kerby who was second after lap one. That’s right, two Eastons running 1 and 2. Hilton, New York’s Sam Hauck salvaged a bad start by racing up to ninth at the checkered flag after just six laps making five passes on lap 3 alone.

65cc (10-11) Limited Moto 2 Results

  1. Easton Graves, Walker, LA KTM
  2. Talon Medaglia, Canada, GasGas
  3. Jackson Vick, Highland Village, TX, KTM
  4. Chase Brennan, Winchester, CA, KTM
  5. Bryaton Kreglow, Panama Beach, FL Yamaha

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250 B Barn Burner

One of the most prestigious classes to win and often the most exciting class to watch did not disappoint once again in moto 2. Moto 1 was led wire to wire by Casey Cochran who for all intents and purposes looks like a full time pro already. In moto 2 however, a so-so start left him with a fierce battle on his hands which came to a violent end just three laps into the race. A dislocated shoulder meant that Cochran’s chances at a 250 B title have come to an end. The good news is that the Florida trained rider says that he’s not worried about the shoulder holding him back the rest of the week. In other words, this unfortunately happens more often than he’d care to share, and Cochran will likely need surgery in the coming months. With Cochran on the side of the track putting his arm back on like a Ken Doll, a new leader had to emerge. Early in the moto it was Casey Benard Jr. who eventually was relegated back to fourth place. From there, it was a table set for two with Team Green riders, Krystian Janik and Drew Adams. They chased each other around until the end when Janik stood tall at the top of the podium.

250 B Moto 2 Results

  1. Krystian Janik, Oak Lawn, Ill., Kawasaki
  2. Drew Adams, Chattanooga, Tenn., Kawasaki
  3. Logan Best, North Port, Fla., Yamaha
  4. Casey Benard Jr., Gilbert, Ariz., GASGAS
  5. Jordan Renfro, Lake Park, Ga., KTM

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Supermini 1 (12-15)

Take moto 1’s top five and put it in a blender and add in Canyon Richards whose bike didn’t let go this time around. Husqvarna pilot Deacon Denno nabbed the lead on lap 1 and never let go of it. Moto 1 winner Seth Dennis started just outside the top five and worked his way up to a solid which speaks volumes about the torrid pace at the front of this field. Kawasaki’s Landen Gordon worked his way through to second which puts him squarely in the middle of this title fight heading into moto 3. Whenever that happens. Utah’s Grayson Townsend showed speed and tons of grit fighting forward all moto after coming around the first corner outside the top 15 to end up eighth.

Supermini 1 (12-15) Moto 2 Results

  1. Deacon Denno, Malakoff, Texas, Husqvarna
  2. Landen Gordon, Murrieta, Calif., Kawasaki
  3. Canyon Richards, Estell Manor, N.J., KTM
  4. Seth Dennis, Groveland, Fla., KTM
  5. Logan Mortberg, Pierson, Fla., KTM

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Main image: MX Sports / Align Media

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